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Customs in Europe????

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  • Customs in Europe????

    Hi everybody,
    I am going to be going to Spain for holidays and wanted to take my beads and tools to make jewellery while I am away (going to be off for 30 days) and then something popped in my head. Are beads a customs paying item when travelling within the EU?
    I get the feeling I probably won't have any trouble on the way to Spain but on this side the way they are about wanting to make money will they make me pay customs? If that is the case, I won't bother with any of it. But it would be a pity.
    Anyone know something for sure or inclinations?
    Thanks in advance.
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    paying customs on your beads?? no is the answer.

    I used to work for an MEP and we got lots of questions about customs - but not about beads funnily!


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      Thanks Amy.
      That's the answer I wanted to hear. I am going to have a great holiday now!!
      Your mind, like a parachute, works better when it's open.


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        I've been working under the assumption that anything bought in Europe does not attract customs, only items bought outside Europe but maybe I've been wrong on this ?
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          Thats what I believe also but not sure if it only applies to items sent through the post. There may still be limits as to what goods you can buy when you're on holiday - you know what our customs officers are like!!!

          Hopefully someone will be able to clarify this.

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            I think you only need to worry about alcohol, tobacco, perfume, plants and the stuff which is associated with plants (soil/seeds), any food that is animal derived....

            I've just come back from Russia and I read that you had to fill in a customs form declaring any expensive jewellery (diamond type) or you might have to pay tax on it when you leave, but that didn't happen. Plenty of queueing and other paper work, but no problems regarding customs.

            Generally I would reckon if you are only taking "it" (*) temporarily into a country there is no customs problem.

            * replace "it" with any item you want.
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              of course if you're flying any tools or sharp findings will have to be in your hold luggage or they may be confiscated....