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    Just wanted to let everyone know that Burhouse have now opened their new online shop.

    Unfortunately you can't see their prices unless you have an account but they are worth registering with and their catalogue is worth buying if you make lots of jewellery (although the prices aren't always up to date but you can always check them online) as they have just about most things you could want. It does cost £10 but you do get that back on your first order.

    They are a wholesale site but most people on here should be able to meet their criteria and you don't have to buy wholesale quantities.

    They are currently experiencing a few problems as is usual with all new websites but they are worth checking out as the range of stuff they stock is unbelievable.

    I've been buying from them for a few years now and visit the shop at least once a month so I can vouch for their service. If ever we've had a problem with an order we just phone them and they're happy to sort it.

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    I got my login & password in the post yesterday, I'm going to log in later and have a nosey as I've been meaning to put in a big order with them for the past couple of weeks so I may as well try it online

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      I Dont have a business number. Anyone want to recommend me by giving me a reference? ppllleeeaaasseeee???


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        Delighted to see them online now but I think the website still needs a lot of work on it...or is it just like that because I haven't logged on? I dont use them much maybe thats why I havent been sent log in details yet. I prefer to see what I am buying when I buy online...much better than just ordering from a catalogue.
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