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  • Need some inspiration

    Right you crafty lot, I'm looking for some inspiration and I know you'll come up with some great suggestions!

    I have some little dagger beads and I'm struggling to think of what to do with them. I have black and turquiose blue. I had thought about doing a necklace, but that was a bit boring and now I'm stuck. I'd like to do something different with them, but my brain seems to not want to help me out.

    Anyone got any good ideas they don't mind passing on?

    Thanks in advance
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    I usually find if I have a quick wander through google images, my creative juices get flowing again

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      They can look very effective made into a simple necklace using a small bead then a dagger all the way around....slightly egyptian looking.

      Or you can attach lots of them onto a short length of chain of about 2", so they hang like bunches, and you could hang that from a pendant bail or ear-hook.

      Also, when you go to bed tonight, say in your mind you want to wake up inspired with what to do with them...sometimes when your mind is still, it can find the solution.

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        Thanks guys!
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          You could do a fancy beaded design, and then hang the daggers like a fringe?
          I was going to make some dream-catcher inspired earrings with the trailings. You could also make simpler drop earrings.
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            Flowers?...shape lends it's self to petal shapes
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              There is a nice necklace made from daggers in the most recent bead magazine I think

              I will look it out, but I think it was just a series of 5 daggers then a space, the 5 more, then a space... make any sense? it was lovely anyway!


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                That gives me an excuse to buy the latest mag Need some findings anyway. Not sure about the flower suggestion. I did try that, but musta been doing something wrong cos it looked like a dogs breakfast.

                Thanks again for the ideas
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                  oooh, don't quote me on that, it could be in any issue over the last year, my brain mixes all these things up, I will have a flick through the issues tonight and let you know

                  Did you know that Swarovski and Beadalon have inspiration galleries, I like to look at them every now and again, just to see what other people are making

                  Oh yeah, and make loads more of those cuffs, all the girls at work have commented on it today, I had to take it off and hide it for fear of it being stolen!
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                    Aww, thanks chuck! might just do that.
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                      Issue 8 of bead has a dagger necklace on the cover.... so yeah, I recommend you buy it