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  • 'curling' FIMO

    I hope someone can help - I'm having a problem with some FIMO pendants I've made. They are flat shapes approx 3 to 4mm thick, and they are curling up at the egdes after being in the open air for a while after baking.

    They were baked for the correct time, and have been varnished - the only reason they haven't been put onto chain yet is because I haven't got round to it!!

    Basically they are sitting on a tray in my craft room, out of direct sunlight, but I noticed at the weekend the have all curled up. Does anyone know what is causing this??


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    Is the fimo the same depth at all points?
    Maybe its curling if the fimo is thinner round the edge.

    How long do you leave the fimo to rest after baking and before varnishing?
    Doe sit only curl after varnishing?

    Sorry for all the questions but it may spark the solution for you.

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      I've never had problems with curling.

      I plunge my beads and pendants into icy water when they come out of the oven.
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        Hi both,

        Thanks for the replies. In answer to your Q's Seahorse, I'm pretty sure that the fimo is the same thickness all the way through, it doesn't look to be thinner around the edges although it could be a little I suppose.

        It is only doing it after varnishing (with FIMO varnish).

        I'm leaving them about 2 -3 days after baking before I varnish - usually through a lack of time more than anything

        I haven't tried putting them in cold water after baking, maybe I'll give it a go and see what happens.

        Failing that I'll try to start a new trend in curled up pendants LOL

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          I do the same with plunging in cold water too, sets them rock hard!
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            My thoughts would be that perhaps the varnish isn't the same thickness on both sides. If you paint MDF unevenly it is prone to warping.

            Next batch you make, try leaaing an unvarnished one with all the completed varnished ones and see what happens.

            The ice water makes the colours more transluscent and true.
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