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    I have been trying to design a logo for myself . I will make it clear to anyone that I do not know athe first thing about this, but I don't really want to have to pay either (do I sound like a really mean woman? ).
    As I said on my previous post I am not trying to go all professional, but I thought it would be a good idea to have cards made for my Christmas fair so that people can actually contact me if they are interested in getting something done...
    At the moment I have tried taking pictures of some beads or even of some of the jewellery I have made and then warping the pictures till I come up with something I like. I am yet not convinced by any of it, but I still got plenty of time to fiddle with all of this.
    I just wondered how did you design yours? Did all of you just pay some professional to do it? Are you all much cleverer than me and came up with your own designs?
    Once again, have fun and happy beading,
    Your mind, like a parachute, works better when it's open.

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    I luckily have a friend who is a web designer, I didn't have a set agenda, I just said "this is what I want to call myself and here are some photos" he came up with the design of everything.

    I am rubbish at all that stuff myself

    I would say that for a photo to work, it has to look pretty good. i tried all manner of photos prior to asking my mate to do me a design.

    I got some business cards printed through vista print, free with £3.50 for postage (however, look out for the several thousand emails they send you a day!) - they have some pretty nice designs you can use if you aren't too bothered about it being your own.



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      I do a lot of digital artwork too so I can definately talk with you if you're interested.


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        I'd also recommend vista print - very cheap and loads of options and my things arrived very promptly. Also if you just want the logo it's available for download immediately after payment and it is given to you in a variety of file types and in black and white too.

        Visit my blog!


        Etsy shop:


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          I know you said you didn't want to pay (and I know I've posted about her before!) but Jo at Siggi Shop charged me £5 to do the fab banner on my blog.

          She was really patient with me and took my ideas to another level. She did it all for me ... for a fiver!!

          If you're interested, there is a link to her blog on the right hand bar of my blog.

          Just say I sent you!!
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