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  • Does this happen to you?

    Hi all,
    how is life doing? I am a bit frustrated since I am not making jewellery as much as I would like to at the moment. It will all be better in september when both my kids will go school full time.
    I have also put my name down in the school to have a stall in the Christmas fair (I know it's ages to go, but gives me some kind of goal). I am not trying to make a living out of my beading but selling some of it and maybe recooping the money I have invested sounds good to me.
    Anyway, what I find is that once I make a piece of jewellery I do not want to put it away with the "to sell" box. I just want to keep them all. I obviously only make things I like, if I am making something and I do not like its looks I undo it and start over again, so I end up with lots of earrings (mainly) that I love and I do not want to get rid of.
    I am aware that when I eventually sell something to somebody I want to push the approach that is very unlikely they will find someone else wearing the same. But that will be a false statement if I make myself copies of the ones I really like.
    Do you suffer from the same "disease"?
    Anyway, have fun and happy beading!!
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    I dont think it hurts to make a copy for yourself.Its your design after all.

    I have wanted to keep a number of my necklaces.I wear some when I go out just hoping someone will see it, like it and ask me where I got it.
    I will have to be brave if/when I sell the ones I want to keep.

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      I know what you mean, I have an ever growing collection of lampwork beads that I am reluctant to part with as I only buy the ones I love. If I have enough in a set I make up one to sell and one for me.
      Maybe you could get round the 'one of a kind' thing by altering them slightly, putting a turquoise bead rather than a blue etc next to the focal. Or explain that you liked them so much you made another pair just for you.



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        Yeah I went to a craft fair where the girl (fused glass jewellery) said she makes only two of each design, one for her and one to sell! We had a bit of a laugh about how much jewellery she owned, I got the impression that it was an obscene amount!

        I only make things I like too and find it incredibly hard to part with them..... but then again, there are two or three pieces of jewellery that I have had kicking about for about a year and I can't seem to shift them, I don't like them! I think that is the problem........ Maybe I emit negative thoughts over those ones!


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          Lol, I make jewellery for a part of my living and my girlfriend steals most of my stock. At least you get some use out of yours not that I mind, at least I know its nice enough to wear



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            I agree,

            Every piece I make is like my "baby". I wear them every day and when someone wants to buy a piece or an order comes in from the website I am a little sad, but then I'm lifted by the fact that they love the piece as much as I do...a great compliment!

            Keep making and enjoying evey piece you make. It means you'll probably never wear the same piece twice!


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              When I create I have the contact with natural stones and this give me positive energy
              Do you like it? Every day something of new.


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                I have a similar problem too! I think you naturally tend to make things that suit your own style.
                So sometimes I try and expand on that a little, make things larger or smaller than is really 'me' or create other variations on a theme that means I'm making originals all the time, even if only slightly so!



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                  I never want to give anything I make away!! EVen those I specifically make for presents! So I know how you feel!


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                    i dont think i would be able to part with the jewelry im a bit of magpie for collecting things thats why my house is so stuffed i love costume jewelry and put something different on every day and plan to make my own as im getting the stash i need for my birthday and i cant wait august seems ages away i wont be selling them though just hoarding if i make something i really like i dont like giving it away i think thats why ive started scrapbooking so i can try out techniques then keep the end product
                    Jan xx



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                      well you could always look at it this way.....the 'copy' you make for yourself could really be a marketing sample to advertise your products

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                        Pass it on.

                        I can understand how you feel but I believe if something gives you pleasure it is good to pass it on. That way you just keep on making new and different designs and get a flow going. I did once keep a necklace made from irresisitable, beautiful, lapis beads, but nothing is safe from my daughters.
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                          Hi Kalinda

                          It could be me writing your post lol and i have only just started making earrings!!


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                            I definately suffer with the same as you lol.

                            When i have a good beading session, i always want to keep the stuff i make and wear/keep it myself hehe.

                            I have made quite a few necklaces and earrings for my 'for sale' box, but keep bringing them back out and wearing them myself, its great advertising too

                            I have to do a few more pieces for my 'for sale' box very soon, but im hoping i wont want to keep them all

                            Carol XXX
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                              Im soo glad im not the only one , i work with fabric mainly and you wouldn't believe how many bags and purses i have kept because i love them too much to part with !!
                              I also collect vintage fabric and please dont ask how many beads i have ... ok i admit it im part magpie !!!

                              Sara x
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