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  • Buying beads from Ebay

    There seems to be a lot of beads from Hong Kong or China. Do people actually buy them over UK based ones?
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    In a word - no. It depends what you're making, I find that if I use good materials the end result reflects other words good stuff covers a lot of mistakes!


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      Ok Il admit to prefering to go to a shop and feel the beads before hand but i am bored and have access to OHs paypal
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        I've used china and hong kong suppliers in the past and most were great quality. I'm very careful I make an initial small order and if happy I order larger next time. They are some cool sellers if you are looking for unusual beads or charms.
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          Buying Beads

          I buy most of my beads from abroad, the prices are more competitive and because I use gemstones I can get more unusual ones. I haven't had any problems whatsoever and have been doing this for five years.
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            I use Ebay regularly and have bought beads from all over the world with no problems as yet! Can be useful if you're looking for something a bit different that everyone else hasn't got, Selina


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              you have to be really carful on ebay. make sure tha there is a high feedback rating the items are the right sizes you want. if necessary ask other buyers what they feel. sometimes people leave pos feedback when afraid to leave neg also, now neg feedback is banned so, its a risk buying from different places. im not saying not to buy, check and if necessary check again.
              I no longer use ebay or paypal so, needless to say some were good some were just unusuable.

              good luck with it all.


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                I have bought a fair amount of beads from abroad and agree with the others, I make a small order first to check the quality, and read all the descriptions carefully. I always check the photo's carefully to see if the holes look central or if the beads look misshapen or if they are using the same photo each time.
                I have managed to get some great deals on Swaro's, hill tribe silver and gemstone stings though. I got some very good deals from one seller who offers gemstone beads as a second chance offer even if you have been outbid several times.
                Let me know if you want recommendation's.



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                  just compleated a deal for 180 stings of gemstone beads for less than £100, from a british seller, thats as cheap as china, who we also buy from, as well as india, ect.bear in mind that most goods sold in britain now originate in the far east.
                  As far as E-bay is concerned, check the feedback, if its not 100% or near then look at the trading history, if they have only sold a few items and have had bad feedback then leave them alone, if they have sold masses of stuff then look at the actual feedback and see if it is just minor things (late delivary, fussy customer ect.) then OK. If it non delivery or not as decribed then be carefull. Remember that some of the firms out there have expanded very fast, and as anyone in business knows that is a time when the boss can let his standards fall, but anyone who wants to survive will soon pull it back together again.
                  As a footnote we have started doing a fare bit of business with Peru, very interesting stuff , and so far very good prices


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                    The main advantages of buying within the UK

                    1) is how quick you receive your goods, often next day
                    2) the protection you get through UK & EU laws regarding the standard of goods sold, and the selling and returning goods protection.

                    Returning unwanted items to foreign countries is usually not viable. Therefore the risk is if you receive items that are sub-standard it would cost as much to return them for a refund as you paid for them.

                    Also keep in mind that you could receive a strand of beads, eg lampwork or semi-precious and not all are useable. If for example 5 out of 20 beads were seconds, then you've really paid 25% more for them than advertised. Whereas, I know I do this, and I expect most other UK suppliers do as well, is sort beads by hand and only send out perfect stock. The rest goes in the bin.

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                      Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
                      In a word - no.
                      I am fully agreed.
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                        There are many people supplying on ebay and not all are reputable, I have bought many in the past off ebay and was disappointed with the goods received. This prompted me to source from overseas however they do take a long time and the quality can be suspect at times, until you have a good trading history and relationship with the dealer and manufacturer. Note if you are buying from abroad be cafeful of import duty and if buying a larger quantity because its a lot cheaper the costs of import may make the price more expensive.
                        I still sell my beads on my website as well as ebay, however I use ebay only as a potential lead generator. The more unusual and quality beads tend to be on websites and not ebay.
                        If you buy from ebay buy small quantities until you are sure of the supplier. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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