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Head pin's or eye pin's?

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  • Head pin's or eye pin's?

    I have just made my first pair of ear rings, I had great trouble getting the length of the head pins right, not to mention the loop at the end. I wonder if eye pins would be easier?

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    An eye pin already has a loop on it so you would still have to make your own loop at the other end to connect something to! A head pin is more like a sewing pin.. ie a flat bit at one you can thread things onto it.

    To get a tight end loop you should use round nosed pliers and bend the pin to about 45 degrees as flush as you can with the last bead you have put on and then wrap the wire around your pliers to make a loop.

    Seeing as this is the first pair you have made I can honestly tell you that is does become easier with practice and you'll be making loops without thinking about them!
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      I am just at exactly the same stage as you and bought some bits and pieces at the weekend to have a go at trying a very simple earrring. Getting the hand of the looping but I think it is just going to take practice. I have found some of the tutorials on youtube very useful and would highly recommend them - search for something like "make loops headpins" and you will get a few.


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        This was the link I was looking for - couldn't find it before - well worth a watch!


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          Thank you, that was a great help, also i am now useing the right pliers!!


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            Originally posted by newcrafter24 View Post

            This was the link I was looking for - couldn't find it before - well worth a watch!


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              Top Tip to get you ear-rings to hang the same length:-

              When you've worked out the length you need for the first head pin, allow about 1cm to create a loop, and cut the second one to the same length before making the ear-rings,

              Use round nosed pliers to make your loop, making sure you use the same tapered area of the pliers to create the same size loop.

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