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What is wrong with headpins?

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  • What is wrong with headpins?

    Hi there,
    Well, after lots of talking about it I have started beading. And though I have only done it for a couple of days I really like and enjoy it and I am quite happy making earrings, BUT... (there is always a but with me) sometimes with my silver plated findings as I am making the loop at the end of the headpin all the silver plating falls apart in my hands.
    What is the problem? Is it me? Is it the finding itself or is it the tool? I must say it does not happen with every single headpin, so....
    Any clues?
    Thanx in advance for your help
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    i use silver plated all the time and its not happened to me (yet)

    I think its your findings to be honest, do you know where you got them from?
    With love
    xx pixiedoodles


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      Hi there,

      I bought them from ebay, so who knows, lol.
      Your mind, like a parachute, works better when it's open.


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        It's happened to me before but very rarely. Maybe it is the material you're using.

        Do you mean headpins or eyepins where there is a loop of wire at the end? I find that eyepins do it more than headpins do and when it does happen it's because I'm manipulating the loop too much and gripping it too tightly with the pliers which can sometimes loosen the plating.

        Does that help at all??

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          Oh dear! I can give you a list of good online suppliers if you like, which Im sure others will add to.
          With love



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            Are you using flat nose pliers, if you are using the wrong pliers they would do this? This hasn't happened to me either. Perhaps it is just a faulty batch.
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              I've had it happen to me a few times too with headpins, where the silver plating flakes away.

              I think it is a fault with the headpins, maybe something wrong with the plating process. I've only had a few in quite a large batch of them, but it does pay to be a bit picky with where you buy them from. I get mine from ebay too, but from a seller that I use fairly often so I know the quality will be good.

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                Platings flake off if the plating is too thin.

                In order to cut costs, some manufacturers reduce the electroplating to such a minimum that when you bend a head pin or any other finding, it cracks and flakes off, and there's nothing you can do about it.

                The best solution is to find a supply that you like and stick with it.

                For example, I would like customers to repeat order, so it is in my interest in ensure what I sell is of good quality for the price, and this would be the case with any reputable supplier

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                  Dont worry - it doesnt sound like anything you are doing wrong. Maybe try somewhere else for pins next time and just use the ones you have for practice in the meantime.