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  • Essentials for a beginner

    I am hoping you can all help, I want to buy everything I will need to start jewellery making, what are the essential tools I will need.

    I hate starting something and realising I don't have everything so cannot finish it!

    So if anyone can compile a list of tools and accessories you need to start making necklaces I would be very grateful.

    Thanks everyone, and thank you again for the warm welcome yesterday


    Love, Rebecca x

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    Hi Rebecca , the kinds of basic tools and bits that I think you would need to start making necklaces (depending on what type) would include:

    Round nose pliers
    Chain nose pliers
    Cutter pliers
    Possibly Crimping pliers (if you want to try 'floating necklaces' in particular)
    Bead mat (optional but very useful!)
    Good pair of scissors

    Clasps (i.e. bolt rings, trigger clasps or toggle clasps)
    Extension chains (optional)
    Jump rings (4mm or 5mm are a good starting size)
    Crimps (if you are feeling brave)
    Stringing material such as nylon, tiger tail, ribbon or cords.
    Cord tips or ribbon clamps (if using ribbon or cord)
    and of course some beads

    I think thats it.. this isnt comprehensive but I'm sure people will add anything I've forgotten. Feel free to PM me if you need more 'how to' instructions etc.


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      Thank You Hun, I Will Be Looking At Your Website In A Second, So Expect An Order Xxx

      Love, Rebecca x


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        Yep, what Mel said!

        I think to start off you should decide what you want to make, I have spent years collecting all of the things I have; including my extensive bead collection .

        There are many things I have bought which seemed like a good idea at the time but I don't use them frequently.

        I would also recommend good (read: expensive) pliers rather than the cheap ones, I have cheap ones and they hurt my hands, I am replacing them all gradually with better (more expensive) ones. PLUS; once you have used the rubbish ones for a few years and get the expensive ones you realise how easy it can be to make loops etc!


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          Thank you for your help again Pebbles. I will definitately invest in good pliers.

          Love, Rebecca x