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    Hi folks, new member here!
    think its best to to tell you a bit about myself first. I have been beading for many years now and have built up my collection of beads. I have loved my beading but now i have 2 special needs boys the youngest having Autism and adhd. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time to bead so it is with reluctance that i have to sell my beads. That and we are soon to be moving house so i need to declutter! I have so many hobbies and this one has to go !!!! I have a couple of books too. I thought this may be the best place to see if anyone is interested in buying them. If so i can email some pictures of them to you.
    I am very new to posting, in fact this is my first one so please be gentle with me!!!

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    sorry you have to give beading up welcome to the forum hope you have time to spend on here
    Jan xx


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      Hello and welcome to you

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        to the forum.
        what ther crafts do you do?
        my daughter is getting into beading, so I could be interested as she has a birthday coming up! Pm me the details or email me


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          I have pm'd you as requested.


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            Sorry to hear that, what other hobbies do you have? I may be interested in your beads if you have anything chunky and unusual?

            Chloe x


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              i have so many beads of all shapes and sizes it is difficult to say what is unusual!!!!! I have collected them over the past 10 years or so. i can send you some pictures if you would like me too. I am interested in all types of crafting, i like cardmaking and scrapbooking, cross stitch, i am half way through a log cabin patchwork quilt that has been on the go for years too.
              There is so much crafting and so little time, especially with the boys now.
              The youngest is such a livewire , but i wouldnt have it any other way!!!!
              I could do with an extra 6 hours hours a day!


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                Hi and welcome to the forum

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                  Hi and to the forum. x
                  by Nicki

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                    Thank you all for the warm welcome. it is very much apprieciated.x


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                      Recycle me


                      I make jewellery using vintage, retro and other recycled beads so this sounds like something I may be interested in. Can you email me a few photographs to show me a range of the beads available.

                      Many thanks

                      Marie x
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                        I am a beader and I would find it very hard to give up so this must be very difficult for you. Is there any chance you might hold onto them and get back to it at some stage?

                        I can only imagine how busy you are with the boys. I have 2 teenages and that's difficult enough. Hope you can keep posting and keep in touch with us fellow crafters

                        Carol Shaw


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                          Hi and welcome. Great to hear that you can still find some time for yourself and your crafting while taking care of two children who need special care. I would love to see what you are proposing to sell, please pm me.


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                            HI treacle

                            Hi Treacle & a very warm , i'm new here too!
                            How is your collection of beads?Do you still have loads left?


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                              Hi Treacle,

                              I am new to the forum as well, just wanted to say Hello

                              I am addicted already, spent nearly £60 on beads etc in the last 2 days!

                              have fun

                              Love, Rebecca x