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  • Swarovski Trade Account

    Not sure if this is the best place to post but I am just wondering if anyone on here has a trade account with Swarovski for wholesale orders. I actually make handmade wedding stationery so am interested in buying direct from them for the hot fix crystals.

    I would like to open an account with them and would like to know what they request from you before opening an account for you. Do you have to be VAT registered - is there a minimum order quantity/value?

    Any feedback on dealing with Swarovski would be appreciated.

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    As far as I know - from posts on other forums - you have to pay thousands of pounds up front - like £10,000 or so and then your orders are taken off that money each time.
    It would be better to find a supplier who will give good discounts for bulk orders.



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      Melanie, thanks - are there other posts on this forum or do you have a link to other postings on this subject?

      Thank You


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        From what I remember when I enquired about this a while back you have to be VAT registered and spend £5,000 a month (but don't quote me on that as it it was sometime ago!)
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          I looked into it too a few years back and the minimum spend was I think as Beadhead remembers, it was too much for me at any rate. I did try to find a high quality Chinese supplier and came across one but their prices were not that competitive. If anyone has any ideas on bulk purchasing cheaply I would be interested to hear them. At present I buy them mainly of Ebay.
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            Swarovski Trade Account

            I was also told by a friend who has a website that Swarovski almost took her to court as she used the Swarovski symbol on her website we use a lot of Swarovskis and the two best places we have come across are or both UK companies



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              Hi, I buy quite a lot of swarovski beads & because i'm buying in bulk i'm getting a fairly good price, currently selling 4mm bi cones for 5p each , have never worked with the hot fix do das but if you let me know the relevant details i'll let you know what sort of price I can get them for.
              Hope that helps



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                Pretty much what has already been said is correct. Swarovski will only deal with VAT registered businesses which can guarantee a fixed order amounts from them per year, which is extremely high.

                There are some UK sites which sell Swarovski in wholesale packs, and I doubt you will be able to buy abroad much cheaper than these

                And yes, you do have to be careful how you use the Swarovski brand name. I know of someone who was fined £2000 for having her boxes printed saying 'Swarovski Crystal'. Swarovski make their own brand of jewellery, and felt it may mislead people to think the finished item was theirs.

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                  I think the best thing that you can do is contact Swarovski themselves. It took me about 2 years of constantly applying before they agreed to my account, and now I have a huge minimum spend per year (we are talking over £25000 a year).

                  You might also be interested to know that the "average" price you pay retail, has barely any markup on it, and you wont pay much less by buying wholesale from them. I know a company who add literally a couple of pounds to the wholesale price before they calculate the retail price. (I also work in retail and the usual mark-up is at least 3 times the wholesale price!)

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                    Sorry - I also meant to say...

                    If you want me to look into the prices of buying hotfix crystals, please let me know. We are happy to take orders at reduced prices, providing you are ordering a large quantity -there are restrictions (adhering to minimum pack size, and ordering enough of them, and also accepting that Swarovski can take a LONG time to deliver!!)

                    if you are interested, drop me an email at [email protected] with details of the article/size/colour/quantity that you want to buy and I will get back to you with a price.

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                    I LOVE this horse. He makes me laugh every time I see him. He is mine.

           - Swarovski components, including filigrees
           - Beautifully handcrafted tiaras, jewellery and other crystal accessories.


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                      Swarovski crystals

                      I've purchased hotfix type Swarovski crystals from MOD ED: Stop advertising - read the rules
                      They are very easy to apply!
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                        I agree with all the above, you have to spend a huge amount with Swarovski and be VAT registered.

                        I buy my crystals etc from and they are as competitive as any others out there.


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                          Swarovski Crystal wholesaler

                          My niece was recently married and the wedding coordinator included Swarovski Crystal table decorations on each of the tables at the reception. They looked abslutely fantastic and she informed us that she was able to purchase wholesale packs from a company called Scatter Crystals Ltd. They sell Swarovski Crystals as well as rhinestones and beads. I can get the website details if that is of interest to you but I think you have to register if you want to use the trade site. We had 18 tables as well as the top table with around 125 crystals on each. We were really pleased with them.


                          ps They are a UK company
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                            This is a little strange as we were only discussing scatter crystals yesterday. There's a thread about it somewhere. Thanks for the information - are you planning on staying?


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                              Originally posted by Peter View Post
                              . . . . . . . There's a thread about it somewhere.
                              What happened it it - I wanted to add to it today.

                              Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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