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DIY Water Terrarium tutorial 🌿

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  • DIY Water Terrarium tutorial 🌿

    Make this easy miniature aquarium, no fish needed! Low maintenance.
    Just use liquid fertiliser shown in the video and change the water every 2 weeks. This piece is super easy to make. You can have LED lights in or choose to keep it out. I tried both ways but the lights made it look so much more magical and relaxing. It also looks more like an aquarium and the plants could use the light source occasionally too! Make sure it's waterproof and battery operated. I got the aquatic plants from a pet shop, and the moss balls online but you can find them in the pet shop too.
    Really enjoyed making this and hope you do too! It looks beautiful in my living room! Have fun creating!


    *Glass container
    *Moss Balls- Aquatic fish stores can have them so do check your local pet shop.
    *Fairy lights-waterproof.
    *Aquatic water plant. I got mine from a pet shop in the fish section.
    *Decorative pieces like shells.
    *Gravel for the bottom of the terrarium.
    *Liquid fertilizer.

    How to make a water terrarium, click below:
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