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  • Printer for cardstock

    Please bear with me if this question has already been asked countless times. I need to buy a printer, preferably Epson or HP that will cope with 250gsm cardstock. (Canons are great, I know, but inks are too expensive). I've been googling for about 3 days, to no avail. Please can someone recommend ? Eternally grateful !

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.
    The one thing that printer manufacturers rarelyvtell you is whatcweight of paper or card thatvthe printer will take. Canon inks are expensive, I’ve had a pixma for 10 years and it will happily suck in and print 330gsm...don’t know if it should but it does, nothing in the manual regarding max gsm.
    You might have more success with paperweight and more economical printing if you considered a laser printer.



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      Thank you Dave for your prompt reply. Yes, I had a Cannon Pixma which was perfect for card, but the inks are just too expensive for my purposes. I have since had Epsons, which I like and am hoping that there is one of their models that would fit the bill.
      I agree, the manufacturers seem rarely to indicate on their specifications what card weight the printer takes and I suppose this is why the question gets asked so often by crafters.
      Is anyone out there using an Epson (or HP) for printing cardstock of 240 gsm and if so which model please? (A typical 240gsm card is the 'Anita' make of card blanks )


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        Thanks for giving that information


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