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It's a shame you have to post 25 times before allowing links

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  • It's a shame you have to post 25 times before allowing links

    I run an annual craft Fayre with online booking link and a website but cannot add the link to your site to make it easier for your members unless i post 25 times which is a shame. I don't want to post rubbish just to get to 25. Could there be a better way? Other than that love the site keep up the good work.

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    You can put a link in your signature, i.e. blogs, FB. Twitter. The rules cover the number of links and size of type etc., Have a look.
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      aboard. Most forums have some regulations before you can post links/photos and so on. It does work here, most days you can see some red names where the moderators have had to delete them for their initial posts. So I feel it should stay as it is.

      I believe you can add a link into your signature box, (I stand to be corrected on this) but IF ANY thing to do with advertising you will find it will be deleted.

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        Hi, welcome.
        It's so easy to get 25 posts it shouldn't really be much of an issue. Most crafters have so much to offer.


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          Originally posted by craftsandmusic View Post
          I don't want to post rubbish just to get to 25.
          Then post things things that are interesting. When you say things like that, it makes it sound like you just want to add links to advertise your website rather than take part as a member on this forum.
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            Just get involved with the discussions and chat and you'll soon get to 25!! This forum is for like minded people to ask for advice or share their makes/new etc. The 25 post rule just helps the Mods establish that the new member is here for the right reason not just to advertise xx
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