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    Hello members of craftsworld. Found this website as a very good platform to interact with people.
    I travel a lot for my work and always enroute I see lot of ladies carrying two bags a handbag and a jute shopping bag carrying other extra stuff. I was wondering if there was a reusable leather shopping bag (shape of polythene bags u get in asda, tesco etc) would people be interested in buying. Bag will be 100% plain leather in different colours with in built pockets for Kindle and phone and lot of room to keep other stuff. Want some opinions before I start production. Many Thanks.

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    Hi Aroha

    Well, I have a leather tote bag which I made just for me. It cost me a lot of money to make, so I know that your product would not be cheap. I have a couple of friends who have leather bucket bags that they bought from a local leatherworker at around £80 a piece (bargain). So many bags these days are made of plastic, even designer ones it seems, I don't know that everyone will appreciate that leather costs more.

    I always carry a leather handbag. Wouldn't have anything else. However, I know that I am in a minority and it may be an age thing.

    I can only suggest that you make a few and try it out.
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      i would suggest finding a cheaper material so your prices can be lower. but think its a good idea and think they would sell well especially if you could personalise them, a few freinds that have them with there kids photos on them