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    Hi I know this maybe a bit cheeky as this is only my 2nd post but here goes.....

    how about some more crafty challenges.

    The first bit of the forum i went to after joining was the challenges section and when i started reading realised they were two years behind!!!!

    Is there no monthly challenges set???
    What about members setting challenges??
    fun and games???

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    Hi there and welcome to the CF!

    Maybe you could set up a challenge yourself!

    I think people get pretty busy with their crafting, as I think many of the members here are trying to earn a living at it, so it makes finding the extra time a little tricky. But, give it a try and see what happens!


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      I agree if you want to set a challenge go for it but as this is my business and with blogging twice a week do not have much time to have a go at a challenge.


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        I'm sure you'd get some takers though if you did set a challenge, I know they can be great for kick starting a project when you get crafters block.

        Welcome by the way
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          I'd love to see it restarted.
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            Great Idea!
            I am sure it will take off with those who are not so busy.
            There are plenty here who craft for a hobby too.
            Would be good for me as I have a creative block atm :{
            Would you be willing to kick start it darl?
            Oh apologies!!! WELCOME aboard LOL! xxx

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              Thanks all for the advice.
              I might just do that.
              We will start with something easy and see how it goes.
              Let me think ........


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                Good for you!! Getting into the forum spirit
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                  Well, Im trying to get into the spirit!!
                  I'm a teacher of textiles and art so hopefully will be able to come up with something.............