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    I know I'm new and not really worthy of making suggestions! but am a lover of a certain mummy forum! and have a couple of things I'd like to see on here...

    Could we have a fun & games area for silly people like me who have a mad 1/2 hour every day! (craft or non craft related)
    Plus my fav mummy forum has a 'work at home mum' section and it would be great to talk to other wah crafty mums on here to see what there up to
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    Suggestions are welcome..

    We do have this section of the forum

    We do not and most likely will not have an area just for mum's as we wouldn't have an area for dad ..

    A thread about being a mum/dad would be great.. But a forum on the topic wouldn't benefit the community imho..

    Please tell me if i'm wrong as the community is yours..

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