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Advertising and getting your name out there.

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  • Advertising and getting your name out there.

    I have recently set up a website and was wondering how you go about advertising the site without spending vast amounts of dosh!!!

    Any ideas?

    Sea Dog
    Last edited by Sea Dog; 24-08-2009, 10:23 PM. I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!

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    I've been doing pretty well from the free business indexes that you can register with. Just google business directories and sign up to as many as you can. Commenting on forums and blogs helps. Just get your name out there in as many places as possible. If you havent already done so setting up a Facebook group and a blog will help.

    If you look through this forum some of us have been doing Facebook groups swaps - ie. we sign up to yours and you sign up to ours. You can also do link exchanges with other sites (just google link exchange). You can also register with the UK Crafts Directory linked to this site (click on the site that says advertise here under the supporters section on the right hand side of the page.) Not only do you get listed there but you get a link on the side of the pages of this forum too. About 1/4 of my site hits come from that.

    I'd recommend signing up to google analytics (free) so you can see which site your visitors are coming from which helps you decide what advertising is working and what isnt.
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      Thanks makedoandmend. As I said this really is all new to me and its great to have so much good info.

      Many thanks Sea Dog I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!


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        Linking with other relevant sites, tweet about it, make a facebook page, blog about your work, its all hard work
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          No problem Sea dog, we were all there once (and for me it wasnt that long ago!). Its amazing how much you end up learning in a short period of time. I thought setting the site up was the hard bit - I was wrong!

          Another thing you'll need to learn about is SEO (search engine optimisiation) which basicaly is getting your site to come up on search engines. I spend hours and hours on that every day at the minute. Saying that I just google your site and because of the relatively unique name you came up second - doing well! Because theres many sites and articles about Make Do and Mend out there it's taking a lot of work to get mine to come up.

          There's a lot of into on this site about it - if you go to the search bar and type on advertising, promoting site, search engine optimisation etc you should get plenty of results. Thinks there some under the general business section too.

          Good luck with it!
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            Marketing you web site is a whole new skill, but one that I intend to do a tutorial on.
            So watch our for updates.


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              As someone just setting up myself this was really useful thanks - didn't know about the business directories am off to google...
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                I set aside 2 hours a day for online "work" forums, blogging, fanpage, flickr groups, also site like handmade uk and indiepublic they all generate interest. I get a few hits everyday from each one.
                sounds very business like but i have a rota of spending time promoting on each one otherwise it's easy to loose track.
                this forum is my "me" time! cos it's full of such great folk :O)
                Flickt surprised me the most- When I joined some groups on it i got a lot of new hits to my site, maybe that would be worth a try. oh and eerything I do is free!!!
                Happy Crafting!

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                  Thanks for all the great and helpful advice. I have set up a facebook page, but was wondering how I go about setting up a blog. Sorry for my computer ignorance but unless it is in plain english I don't really understand all of this, I am a fast learner though and I think this will certainly be a steep learning curve.

                  I am looking forward to all this as you only get out what you put in.

                  Cheers, Sea Dog
         I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!


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                    I've got mine with - and I've seen quite a few people from here have theirs there too. Its pretty easy to set up. I'd never done a blog before but have managed to get mine up and running. The best thing is just to get something up and then fiddle around with the settings etc and see what you can do with it. I've just been learning as I go along!
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                      Local Paper, Supermarkets, Newsagents Windows, Ask shops to have a business card. (make them at thats reasonably priced)

                      Stickers on your car if you have one.

                      I'm out of ideas for now but if I think of any I'll let you know

                      Gem x


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                        I'd go with Ebay.....they do a lot of marketing and advertising for you and all whilst generating sales...I've tried magazines, twitter, facebook etc but most of my customers find me through Ebay sales or Google search (on which my Ebay listings appear) so I definately think it's worth the money...

                        The 'trick' with Ebay is to find a niche market - something people want but not many people sell...


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                          Thanks for the ebay suggestion (and everyone else for that matter) I have sold some items on Ebay although unless you have an Ebay shop I didn't think you were allowed to advertise your own site. If I'm wrong perhaps someone could let me know how they advertise on Ebay.
                 I used to be riding the crest of a wave, but now i'm all washed up!!


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                            I found using this forums is very good, we have also listed on Top50Crafters and also Top100Craftsites (I find this site very difficult to find my listing not sure if anyone else has this problem also). Facebook its very good too, create a page and send it out to your friends asking them to pass it on


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                              Also for those of you who drive don't forget to put your business name and web address on your car with a set of car decals which you can purchase from ebay and various other sources. Ask your family and friends if they'd put one of your decals on their cars.