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Words/Phrases for wall plaques - any ideas?

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  • Words/Phrases for wall plaques - any ideas?

    I'm making a series of wall plaques, different shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. I want to incorporate words or phrases onto them to make them more personalised. I've sold a few which just say "Welcome", but would really like to extend this range. Can anyone think of any other popular and catchy words or phrases?

    I'm going to have lots of blank pieces spare for if anyone wants anything inparticular or something that is personal to them written on them, i.e. a house number or someones name etc. But I'd like to show a few examples or have a list of examples.

    I've thought about things such as "Please wipe your feet!" and "Gone fishing"

    Would really appreciate any further suggestions!

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    There are a number of craft sayings websites that list loads of different quotes/sayings etc. A lot of them are pretty naff but you might find a gem or two. I expect the shorter the better is what you want.
    Try this one - I think it said they have 4700 to choose from!

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      Personally I love reading quotes that make you think a bit rather than some of the jokey ones you normally see on wall plaques, but then long quotes will be difficult to fit in.

      I'll try to find a weblink for you though, I found the quote on my sig from the site and it's got loads of different things on it

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        We have a couple of plaques in our cottage...
        "Love Lives in Little Houses"
        "Live, Laugh, Love" &
        "Love Lives Here"

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          I like things like Blessed Be and Dont Forget to Smell the Flowers. Also Irish for welcome - Failte.
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            It can be tricky to come up with nice quotes that are not too long - no-one wants to cram 150 letters onto a plaque no matter how profound the quote!

            The longest I would go would be lines like:

            "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come"

            "He who laughs last didn't get it"

            "We are all either fools or undiscovered geniuses"

            Might be worth searching T-shirt sellers for good one-liners?
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              The Welsh for Welcome is Croeso.
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                How about

                Ask a teenager while they still know everything

                I cant be broke I still have cheques left

                Why cant I get a little in front instead of a bigger behind!

                courtesy of east of india plaques my mother owns!


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                  I saw this on a tshirt recently:

                  "Durex, because I dont know where you've been"

                  but probably isnt what you're after! Made me chuckle though!

                  how about the old "duck or grouse", "chaos panic disorder, my work here is done", "Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial", or how about some of these

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                    How about:-
                    nunc est bibendum ( now we must drink)
                    carpe diem ( sieze the day)
                    Always good to show you have a classical eduction!!!!!!!!!


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                      An immaculate home is the sign of a dull woman

                      I don't do housework

                      Help yourself

                      and lots here:


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                        Thank you all for your brilliant ideas!!

                        I'll let you know which words/phrases I decide to use, and post some pictures when they are finished


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                          Hi Charlotte,
                          I make funny wall plaques but have no time to make any more as too busy with wedding cakes!
                          I find the ones that sold best at craft fairs were:
                          An immaculate home is the sign of a wasted life
                          Grandma's kitchen - where kids eat for free!
                          A balanced diet is a cake in each hand
                          I am not overweight - I am just undertall
                          I am not fat. I am a nutritional overachiever
                          I would give up cake but I'm not a quitter!
                          God blesses this house - but he doesn't clean it
                          My house was clean yesterday - shame you missed it
                          I have tried jogging - but I couldn't keep the ice in my glass

                          and the favourite
                          Choosing a man is like choosing a chocolate - wait too long and only the weird nutty ones are left!

                          Please feel free to use any of them! Hope you do well
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                            my friend gave me a great one

                            Your'e my friend forever........

                            you know too much !!

                            Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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                              I was given a plaque a few weeks ago and the words were

                              "Everyone who passes this wan gives pleasure
                              either by entering or by leaving"

                              Very true, I liked it so it now has pride of place just outside the front door.
                              God helps them that help themselves.