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  • Challenges!

    I didnt realise we had a challenge forum . . probably because there isnt much in it!

    I was wondering whether we could take turns of posting a challenge for others to take part in, it would be a great opportunity for people to get inspiration and also showcase what they have made.

    But I was also wondering whether we could have a summary of all (or as many as possible) of the challenge blogs posted in the forum, and a place to discuss them? I have just discovered challenge blogs and think they are fab, but I lose track of which one is when!

    What do people think?

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    I'm up for a challenge!

    Sounds good and yes would definitely get me to think around the subject.
    Take care




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      So far on the ofrum we've run a monthly challenge. It has been open to all crafts ie. mixed media entries so that all our members can take part.

      It would be fine for anyone to set up a challenge on the forum.
      Due to legal implications etc please add into the intro for each challenge that there are no prizes and no winners.

      As far as the blog lists for challenges, Mr Media (0103media) isn't around at the moment and I can't say whether or not it's appropriate for the forum. So for now there will not be a thread dedicated to this.
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