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    not sure if i'm out of line here so apologise if I am,
    but isnt the whole point of crafting to be able to afford to make what you enjoy doing...
    therefor, shouldnt there be a section for people to recommend wholesalers for eg jewellry, needlework, ceramics, packaging etc.
    I've found that when trying to work out how much to charge for my faerie doors, most of my cost comes from packaging and not the actual daft is that!

    please check me out on the web; I would be grateful for any feedback on my doors and website:

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    I understand what your saying and people do discuss whom supplies them but most do not as it may of took them a massive amount of time an research to find these wholesalers..

    Many threads do discuss where can get x,y and z..

    The other reason this hasn't been added "as yet" is due to company just posting sites..

    The directory which is part of the forum also offers advettising for the likes of wholesale crafts

    All comments welcome

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