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  • Mods HELP Please!

    Hi, Firstly I do apologise if this is in the wrong place? I'm new here and I didn't know where to post?

    I joined last night and I 'thought' I had registered my username as Altered Angel but when I made a post my e-mail address came up

    I was here for ages but apparently I can't change my username but I also couldn't find anywhere to delete my account and start over again

    I've only made my intro post and this one as I don't really want my e-mail address everywhere but I have no idea what to do to change it.

    I would really appreciate some help either changing my name or deleting my membership so I can start again.

    Sorry to be a nuscience - I tried to e-mail the web master on 'contact us' but I haven't heard anything back as yet.

    Many Thanks in advance.


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    Mr Media (0103media) is the only one who can change your user name.
    He'll sort it when he comes on.
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      Thank you very much for letting me know - I am beginning to panic about it LOL.


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        Hi again,
        Try a Pm to Mr Media, or Peter.


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          Originally posted by autumn rose View Post
          Try a Pm to Mr Media, or Peter.
          'Fraid Peter doesn't have the power to change it so it's just a case of waiting for Mr M to come online - I know he's v. busy at the mo so there might be a small wait....don't panic cos when it's changed all the posts you've made so far will change to your new user name. Welcome by the way
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            Originally posted by nattynetty View Post
            'Fraid Peter doesn't have the power to change
            Thanks know what Woodtattoos is going to do with that phrase when he sees it don't you?


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              I have no idea what he will do with that phrase, as I don't know you all well enough yet

              It still made me ROFL Just 'thinking' about it though LOL.

              I'm sure you do anyway!


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                We'd hate you to change Peter!!


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                  Hee hee hee
                  MISI -


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                    Thank you SO much (and LOL)

                    Thank you SO much for sorting this out for me - I REALLY appreciate it.

                    Now - I probably shouldn't keep telling you how dumb I am before you all work it out for yourselves BUT I just tried to log in 5 times with my old username and blocked myself!!! Oh DOH!


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                      Glad to of helped

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                        Hi and welcome- this thread made me chuckle!!