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Lose the 25 posts before URLs rule!

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  • Lose the 25 posts before URLs rule!

    How can I join in this forum when everything I try is being broken by this ridiculous rule?!!!

    I tried to share my box-designing web page that took me days to create, couldn't even put photos in let alone a link to help anyone play and get my post censored for putting instructions in that lead readers through your own web site!

    Now I try to offer an idea to extend someone else's creation on a post by replying - but my reply quotes their post which has a photo, so I can't reply without deleting the photo (how many users would even know it was the photo that was causing your mad auto-policeman to shout at them). So now my reply has no context.

    I'm clearly wasting my time here when I thought I had so many things I wanted to share, but I can't put any photos up or reply to anything until I've spent 25 posts telling you you're getting it wrong...

    I'm not a company.

    Pretty much every thread here has links to companies either in people's signatures or folk saying, "oh, I buy my things here:"!

    If a company puts an advert in a thread and you don't want them too, either delete it or let people write what they think: the company may well end up with people saying their product is rubbish!

    All your rule has done here is made someone (who ought to be your target user) think you're wasting his time for your own feeling of power.

    I've used a lot of forums and never felt less welcome!

    It's rubbish and offensive, lose it!

    Mod edit....................cup of tea anyone?
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    The problem is, if it wasn't for the rule, there would be an awful lot more spam posts, and people who join, post a link, then toddle off again.

    It might be frustrating, but it won't take long to reach 25 posts - only 21 to go for you

    I personally think it's a good thing..

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      Believe me this question has been asked before, but there is a very valid reason. People could easily pop on and post adverts and then disappear. 25 posts is not much at all and soon reached. We are a friendly, helpful bunch, so stay around and keep posting, you will soon be able to tell us all about what you want to post about.


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        I agree that it's a bit frustrating but, as the owner of another forum (not craft related), I don't have this rule in place and get at least one spammer every day that needs to be deleted and banned!

        On a forum that's as popular and well known as this, I'd imagine the spammer count would be WAY higher if the forum was left exposed!!

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          This forum is not unwelcoming it is full of warm, funny helpful people. I don't post as often as some but when I do I always feel very welcome.

          The 25 post rule applys to everyone. I'm sure if you have alot to say it won't take long.


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            that 25 posts whizzes by!


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              Originally posted by matt.chatterley View Post
              I personally think it's a good thing..
              Me too, I didn't link etc until I had 40+ posts mainly because I was busy learning and finding my way before I felt the need to add my tuppence worth. This forum is for contribution and support of members not just personal gain.

              I got a lovely warm welcome and now spend far too much time here

              You may find it frustrating but good things come to those who wait. Chill, get to know folk and 25 will come along real quick!
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                I for one have no problem with this rule, I can also see why it is in place if not it might become a market place for people just coming here to advertise

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                  It is a good rule! If it wasn't there, the forum wouldn't be so great because a lot of the posts would be spam.
                  Just sit tight, by the time you have introduced your self and talked to a few people you'll be there before you know it
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                    The 25 post rule is just as effective at sorting out who actually wants to be a part of what is, effectively, a crafts discussion forum, as it is at dissuading spammers. If you look at the bottom of the home page you will see how many visits the forum gets in 24 hours - now work out the percentage of people who actually post during that 24 hours. The original poster has managed 4 posts to date, and, although he will probably not like the comparison, has joined the multitudes of prospective forum members who are quite happy to post their dissertations and product long as the forum works the way they would like it to work. This forum works very well, really very well, and ALL the credit for that goes to the forum members, who are happy to help new members, who are friendly and able to offer advice on just about everything, and who can spot a cleverclogs a mile away. This doesn't need moderating - I think the members can speak for themselves.


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                      What's the desperate rush if you are only here to help? Stick around we need some more guys on the forum.
                      Pull Up chair say hello.
                      Where are you from what are your craft hobbies?
                      How can we help you?

                      We hav eall been through tthe 25 posts and we've stuck around for more.
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                        I too started a thread "complaining" about the 25 post rule - much to my shame and guess what ???? 4 months and 1600+ posts later, I wonder why I made so much fuss about it.

                        Rhino, if your reasons for joining the forum are a genuine then stick around . . . . . . if only to prove Peter wrong.

                        I'd start by posting on the Introduce yourself . . . thread, say hello to a few other newbies, add your advice and opinions to other peoples threads, maybe even ask for advice yourself - we all need help sometimes. As the others have said, 25 posts will have gone by in a matter of a few weeks (or days if you're like me or Louise88)

                        Don't give up on us - we really are a nice bunch of people. . . . . . . honest

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                          Oh dear Aunty Net, maybe I better keep having a few days in hiding if people are starting to notice how much I talk
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                            Originally posted by Louise88 View Post
                            Oh dear Aunty Net, maybe I better keep having a few days in hiding if people are starting to notice how much I talk
                            Louise, if it was a problem then I'm pretty sure someone would have let you know by now, hun.

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                              I agree with this rule, and I wish that more forums would follow it. It's cuts out so much rubbish and is one of the best forums I know. Everyone has been very welcoming.

                              Although frustrating, the posts will soon whizz by for you and it will stop being a problem.
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