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  • No topics on cross stitch

    I wanted some tips on cross stitch with beads - I cannot see any ? or am I missing out?

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    Maybe you should start one up! There doesn't seem to be much on cross stitch at all!
    I've used beads in cross stitch. They can look really effective! What did you want to know?
    Cathy xx
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      I am teaching my daughter cross stitch on binca - 6 count aida. If I used size 11/0 beads with it to make a border would that be ok or do I need a different size bead. Also should I use white thread ( like sewing thread) or the stranded coloured cotton to match the beads?


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        How old is your daughter? If shes quite young they may be too small and fiddly for her to work with. If she can use them then I think it depends entirely on the design shes sewing. Sorry for not being much help there!
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          I'm not sure about bead sizes - I've only ever used tiny ones (seed beads) or what I had lurking in a box somewhere (I never throw out anything that is remotely useful craftwise, whether I know what it is or not!!).

          As far as the thread goes I would suggest that if the beads are being stitched on over some embroidery stitches you use thread to match the colour of the stitch, if they are being stitched directly onto the fabric then use a thread to match the fabric colour. I usually use the embroidery thread to stitch on beads - partly because I'm lazy and partly because that way you can ensure a good colour match most of the time.



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            I agree - firstly with using a size she can manage, children can easily lose heart if something is too fiddly for them to start with; and also with the try it and see method! The last one I did, I used the very tiny beads over a 22 count hardanger cloth and used the same thread as the area they were being applied to. But I've always dabbled with whatever I have available!
            Cathy xx
            I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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              Cross stitch with beads

              Hi everyone

              My daughter is 11 and she has done xstitch before. we managed to use the 11 size beads on 14 count as I was not too happy with the 6 count.
              I wanted to insert a picture but the forum does not allow unless I have made 25 posts