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what can make you happy?

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  • what can make you happy?

    What thing/s can make you NOW the happiest person in the world?(except children,wife, husband...) Me a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, salad and a small sponsorship to buy a lovely dress
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    A big cup of tea, a huge slice of cake and loads of money to spend in craft/art shops! ummmm!...
    Jo x
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      A cheque for £1500 to clear my overdraft, and two tickets for a two week holiday in spain. I just miss the sun. Actually, if I got the holiday, i wouldnt mind having an overdraft like that! Just a holiday in the sun.
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        Struggle with finding craft things in Spain so a big craft shop selling everything for every craft would make me REEEEEAAAAAAALLY happy.



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          A huge bag of calorie free fudge just for me , a limitless bead buying account and 3 guilt free days to sit and bead all day ...ohhh and a movie channel with only the movies I want to watch ...bliss !!
          Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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            TIME .......... for myself!
            Life's not a race, do take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.


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              A bead shop in Barnsley, enough money to clear the credit card debts and a summer!!!!!

              Although this week looks very promising on the sunshine front.

              Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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                A large voucher to spend in a CD shop... I could happily spend hours browsing for albums I've wanted to buy for some time but haven't been able to... my idea of heaven!

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                  A holiday to Australia, plenty of money to live comfortably and plenty of do the crafting I love


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                    Two weeks at home with no visitors and no phone calls from prospective visitors Nice weather so I can sit on the patio outside my workroom and do what I want without interrruption or having to break off to make tea or coffee for morons.
                    I believe you might be getting the picture.
                    God helps them that help themselves.


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                      Sometimes the best thing in the world is a cup of tea, slice of cake and Neighbours on the telly

                      Other times it's as simple as CHOCOLATE

                      And often if I'm feeling fed up with things I spend hours on the internet researching new places to go on holiday and trying to find cheap deals....and occasionally I've been known to go ahead and book them
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                        Doing what I did today!
                        Sitting in the sun with four good friends and the 16 children we have between us all playing beautifully together

                        Alternatively the children going on holiday with Grandad for a few days so I can have some uninterrupted sewing time!
                        Cathy xx
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                          A few days unbroken sunshine would raise the spirits (and not only mine I suspect). Blue sky today and feel better already - as I type that a cloud comes over the sun!!!!!!


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                            Waking up and thinking 'What have I got to do today?' and realising that the answer is 'nothing in particular' so that I can sit and make cards all day without feeling guilty.


                            Waking up and just feeling glad to be alive and relatively healthy!!!!!! Sue xx


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                              a glassof chilled white wine and no one to pester me while im crafting.
                              Jan xx