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    I'm new here, but down in the sections where you have "candle making" "painting" etc I was wondering if there was a call for digital graphics? Quite a lot of my products are designed on the computer and then transferred onto products either via silk screening or on my notebook covers or greetings cards.

    Just a suggestion...

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    digital graphics/design software

    I would certainly welcome this. I did my art training when it was good old pencil, paint and paper and am now having to 'catch up' when it comes to designing on PC.

    Just for info - what software package do you think is best for graphics/design work? e.g Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Quark etc. I know each one has a different focus but I've only played with them all rather than seriously purchasing one for home (mainly 'cos i'm not sure!)


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      Hi Ashbie

      Like you I got my Art degree using paper, pencil and paint but I've done quite a bit of digital art too.

      I use the GIMP package. It's free (open source) available for Windows, Linux and (I think) Mac platforms. It seems to have most of the tools that Photoshop and others have.

      It has a fairly steep learning curve, but then all the packages have. If you do go down that route then invest in "The Artist's Guide to Gimp Effects" by Michael J Hammel to help you get the most out of it.

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        Personally I use Adobe Illustrator for my vector graphics. It's pretty much industry standard. Stay away from Coreldraw *shudder*

        Illustrator is expensive though

        Photoshop is great for photo processing, but I don't like it for my vector graphics too much, all things are possible in Photoshop but the tools behave slightly differently and I guess I'm just biased towards Illustrator for my drawing. I use both


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          The reason it not listed is that those graphics apply to another section of the forum.. We had a similar discusion regarding a photography section.

          The problem I see is that your get loads of spam from logo designers etc..

          As you mentioned applying a design to "greetings cards." would be best covered in the card section ?

          I love photoshop have used it since I was 12yrs old version 1..
          I worked as a designer and photo retoucher for a company for 3yrs a while ago and still do a lot of retouching

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            I might just have to check out the Gimp package, just for the name!


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              Ah I see, no probs, I will go skulk in the greetings cards section