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Advice on Jewelley Display Please?

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  • Advice on Jewelley Display Please?

    Hi all,

    I've just had word that I've been accepted to take a stand at a very prestigous craft fair here in Dublin which is being run at the end of Nov. I had to submit pieces and fill out a lengthy application form and am thrilled to be a part of it!

    It's being run in a very old 18th Century Country house and my stand will be next to a very large bay window. We will be given a 6ft long tressel table. I usually display my pieces on a cream leather necklace stand (as seen on my website) and I have about 12 of these, I also have an earrings stand, and smaller black velvet necklace stands, but has anyone any ideas on an inexpensive way of displaying jewellery which looks professional and classy. Also bear in mind that my car is small so I can't really take any large items with me.

    Any advice would be great,

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    I like to display earrings on the rim of one of those glass dessert dishes/glasses with a stem on them. You can pick up some gorgeous cut glass crystal ones from charity shops for only a few pounds and they come up a treat once they have been washed.

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      I made some displays for my craft stall

      I thought they looked quite classy, cream cardboard, hand stitched with wool around the "frame"

      Have a look at this[email protected]/2591879121/

      You could also make individual ones for earrings, I was trying to save time (made them the night before my fair)


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        I use a piece of triangular polystyrene about 2 1/2 foot long and 8ins deep that I salvaged from the corner packing from my new washing machine. I covered it with a piece of cream material and lay it along the back of my table like this ^ then I drape my necklaces on it. You can pin them easily and display matching earring and bracelets with them.
        It always looks very 'posh' if you have a vase of flowers on the table or a few flowers scattered amongst the jewellery, especially if they are cream or white. They don't have to be real either, fabric flowers look just as good, or maybe a few strands of ivy. A few sea shells always make pearls look good too.



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          Thanks for the pictures pebbles, I like what you've done and that's a very good idea Melanie, it would be light and easy to carrry around and I would imagine it looks effective.

          Keep the ideas coming! I have plenty of time to get organised but I want to make sure I get it right.


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            Have you thought yet of how you can add height to the stand? With 12 busts plus the others your table will be quite full. I have a couple of shoe racks from Ikea (they are lightweight, click together and only about £4) I attach broom handles to them to add bracelets etc.Of course you can just stick empty boxes underneath your cover. Like AntyNet I use glasses to dangle earrings around and I am always on the lookout for bits n pieces in the Charity Shops for display. Cork noticeboards hinged or tied together make a tall display too. Hope this helps
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              Hi Chris,

              Another great idea,thanks.

              I love your blog by the way and your jewellery is gorgeous.



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                Thanks Carol - your sites lovely too and your pics are amazing - it's something I am still working on
                Chris xx
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                  Hello, My first post At the craft fair I used to do there was a lady with handmade jewellery...she had black cone-shaped stands, pointy at the top, that she draped her necklaces and bracelets around. They looked velvety/suede but maybe you could make some using black card, different sizes and heights?
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                    Hi have PM'd you a link with some similar to the black cone shape just posted not sure if you want to make or buy but do agree dispaly is real important when doing fairs
                    E bay too can be a good source of dispaly units....the black cone ones look real good and cheap to reproduce if you want to do them your self but not bad if you want to buy!
                    Good Luck
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                      check out that well known selling site, sorry cannot post a link yet, there are several jewellery display suppliers on there and their products are cheaper than some of the main distributors. The items are new try - 1 stop display shop.

                      good Luck


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                        necessity is the mother of invention

                        I display some of my jewellery on glass paperweights and large inexpensive gemstones ( i collect both )

                        I try to match the colours of the bracelet to the paperweight if I can, they take up little room in my bag and I think look lovely. I have also picked up some lovely large shells and a bit of coral at a car boot recently to display stuff on
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                          well done for getting a spot firstly!
                          a couple of methods i've used are..
                          getting some nice lond sticks/twigs and putting them in vases than hanging the jewellery off these.
                          for rings i've put a pile of brown rice on the table so the rings stand up..could do the same with pebbles or something similar.
                          if you have lots of wire you could make a wire tree for lighter things such as earrings.
                          don't know if any of that will be of use, hope you figure it out!


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                            Are you sideways on to the window or is it behind you. It might make a difference to reflected light especially if you are using glass to show off your articles.
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                              I had this organizer which looks like it's antique:

                              Am not sure if it would fit... 'tho.