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A group which makes paper/cardboard boxes

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  • A group which makes paper/cardboard boxes

    I wish there was a paper box group. I have looked all over the web but cannot discover any.
    I returned to the UK after sixty years in Africa, went back to studying for a year, went back to teaching book design (I was a compositor by trade - typesetter), then finally, once Covid 19 struck decided to return to what I last did 25 years ago. Would enjoy joining such a group if there was one...
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    I love those! Both in design and construction. Are you selling them?


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      Thanks Mizgeorge - yes, they are an improvement on those which I used to make twenty-five years ago in Africa. In those days the lid would fit over the top, not fit onto an inner lining. But the possibilities for producing these types of boxes are endless. I am busy producing two boxes in a mother box from a Costa Rican 5 colonnes banknote which never went into circulation - I think that denomination is worth a halfpenny today!! I often buy up cheap artist's books from charity shops and sometimes use them as illustrations on lids and covers of mother boxes. Maps are definitely a fruitful source as they are not only beautiful but also fascinating. I want to do one on Nepal soon. Maps are so cheap in charity shops.
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