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How many will take up crafting during the Coronavirus?

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  • How many will take up crafting during the Coronavirus?

    Although I have been a member for a few years, I have not really had the time to get to know this site as I work full time. But now as times are changing and I have had to temporarily close my beautiful shop during the pandemic I find myself picking up hobbies I had thought I would not be able to do till retirement. So on looking around the site to familiarise myself with what its all about I discovered the statistics
    of the record number of people online. I wonder what that will increase to over the coming months? A positive out of a negative if we can introduce people to the wonderful world of crafting. I have posted out some spare scrapbooking supplies to a couple of friends who have expressed interest in doing this while they are self isolating. I can't wait to see what treasured memories they will capture.

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    I think crafting is good Anj, the only thing I hate is at an event and someone who has just started waltzes up, slams things on a table badly finished selling for peanuts.


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      I would imagine that those who have had a bit of a desire to try a new craft but always been too busy with work etc would dig out supplies, dust the boxes off and have a go. Quite a few in the groups I use have got kids crafting or painting etc. Nothing like a bit of isolation to start a surge in crafting, just hope the stores and shops stay open long enough to buy stuff. I’d have thought it a golden opportunity for craft suppliers to mass advertise as it’d be like shooting fish in a barrel but not so far 🤔

      As Caroline said, it is a real annoyance when you do an event and someone turns up with a poor quality product or even a “like” product and is selling for next to nothing. Luckily I don’t get that as paper cutters aren’t common at craft fairs but generally, low pricing to sell is what pulls down craft fair prices for all and that makes higher quality products hard to sell 🤷🏻‍♂️



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        The craft event that Mo and I do people like that wouldn't last but be asked to leave.No bought in goods and the crafter and their work are vetted before being accepted. To sell your work at a sensible price to discerning collectors I am afraid you need to pay for a quality show and afre unlikely to get that in the average church / town hall type show. They tend to be populated by people just sellig what they makde in order to make more.
        "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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          Thanks bodrighy