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  • New to Craft fairs advice needed

    Hi everyone I have just joined the forum and wanted some advice about craft fairs

    I have started making crafts and want to try a craft fair but not sure which one to go to

    I live in Suffolk

    many thanks 🙏 Marie

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    Welcome to the forum Marie.

    Craft fairs are a difficult one and sometimes best to visit first to see the lay of the land, organisation etc. Being nearer Christmas this may not be a possibility. I only do a local 1 now as have my regulars every year, Mo & Pete are the aficionados for all things fair.

    You will need public and product liability insurance any fair that does not ask to see this is not worth going to. Have known people lose their homes and more with no insurance. You need to register with the HMRD but think now they are more lenient if you do not turnover less than £1k per year, you will have to check with them to see what the rules are.

    Can you name the fairs you are interested in and see if anyone has heard of them.


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      Hi Marie, you don’t need to register as a business/ sole trader with HMRC until your gross income exceeds £1000 but you still need to operate as though you were a business in case you exceed your allowance within the tax year i.e. keep receipts for stock, write down sales and expenses eyc.



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        First thing you need to decide is how serious you are. If you are thinking of the church / village hall type fairs then you will need smaller, low price items and don't expect huge profits. There are the shows that we do which are at the other end of the scale and you are looking at three figures, sometimes four for a stall but the people who go to these do so to buy quality work and expect higher prices. Whichever you do Carolines advice re: insurance applies and some of the higher end you will be assessed as well for the quality of your work. My advice would be start small and build up and don't expect to get rich any time in the future LOL.

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          Hi Caroline

          many thanks for taking the time to post an informative and helpful post


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            Originally posted by MariArty View Post
            Hi Caroline

            many thanks for taking the time to post an informative and helpful post
            You are welcome. I am at the other end of my life so craft fairs are out for me as do not have the energy or passion to have a stall.

            Earlier on this year I closed my own website as too costly and reopened my shop on Folksy. Now previously did not do well on F and only sold 1 item. This time I have joined in the daily challenges etc and am doing a FB Friday where I pick a collage of items from other shops. Since reopening in April/May have sold 30 items, that may not sound a lot but as zilch through my website more than happy. I am a plus memebr so pay £5 per month for as many listings and relistings as I like.


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              Hi Mari.

              What are you making ? Is this a hobby or a business requiring profit to live ? Huge difference between the two and the sort of events you exhibit at.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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