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  • Hello there

    Hi, I live in Leeds, have 3 children and have been making jewellery for about the last 2 years. I started very cautiously buying just a few materials, then very quickly became addicted and found myself spending hours a day on the internet trying to source beads etc. I have had several successful jewellery parties (thanks to my friends opening up their homes), and last Christmas I had a stall at a local craft fair. I am in the process of trying to find an alternative to silver plated jump rings, as I find they tarnish very quickly. Does anyone know if they are available in aluminium or another shiney metal that wont go 'brassy' after being worn a while. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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    hello and welcome to the forum.
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      Hi and welcome to the forum. . Sorry I am not able to answer your jewellery questions, but there are many who can and will. Enjoy.


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        hello and welcome to the forum

        As for jump rings, I think all silver and silver plate things tarnish after a while but some of the jump rings are better quality than others, so maybe try to use a different supplier?

        I know that I bought some cheap clasps, obviously not plated very well and they tarnished from just sitting on my desk in a bowl! So I really do think you pay for what you get!


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          to the forum from another non-jewellery-making dude

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            Hello and i'm new here too !! I LOVE jewellery but i don't know how to make it mabe here i will learn !!


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              Hi and welcome to the forum

              You'll find all silver, whether sterling or plated will eventually tarnish.

              Some cheaper findings are actually not even silver plated, so watch out for despcriptions such as 'silver coloured', these are usually cheap stuff. At least if you buy sterling or silver plated they'll polish back up.

              Aluminium is available in chain form, but is very soft, and probably a jump ring would stretch open quite easily.

              The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store your finished items in individual clip bags.
              If you can find Platinum/Rhodium plated, they won't tarnish.

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                Can't answer your question,but all the same


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                  Thanks to everyone who said welcome and thanks for the helpful replies. I thought that silver plate usually covered brass, which is what you see once the silver has rubbed off so you wouldn't be able to polish it back up would you? My problem is that I make a bracelet with silver plated jump rings but after a while the plate starts to rub off and they look dull and you can see the brass underneath. They are good quality rings from a good supplier but i'm disappointed that they don't stay looking good very long. I can't afford to buy sterling silver and hoped that there might be a more durable alternative.