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    I'm an artist hoping to explore craft fairs as a means of selling my work, you can see what I do at: MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ POSTING RULES Re URLs Hope you like my stuff. I paint in oils and acrylics, and will paint most things if they stand still for long enough!! The mosaics are my sister's and the photos are my wife's.

    I don't really know how well paintings sell at craft fairs, can anyone give me advice on this. What price range sells best, and how do I accept money for the more expensive stuff? I can't accept card payments at the moment. Infact any general advice would be very welcome!

    All the best,

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    I can't really advise too much on the painting side of craft fairs however the ones that I have attended I do see artists doing very well particularly if you are prepared to pop up an easle and paint at the fair - this really catches peoples eye and are more inclinde to pop up and see what is going on.



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      Can't offer any advice either I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to.
      Just had a look at your paintings. I think they are all fab but I especially like the woodland ones, probably because I'm a bit of a tree hugger!
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        Hello &
        Av xx
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          to the forum from me too. I've just started doing fairs myself but my stuff is made using people's own photographs so, by its very nature, I never expect to "sell on the day". My main objective is to have my work seen by as many people as possible, get them to grab a leaflet, hopefully look at my Blog when they get home and I try to make myself so memorable to them that, when theyre ready, I hope theyll contact me!

          So even though you might and hopefully will make sales on the day, remember the potential for after-sales is almost as valuable for your type of work too

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            Hello and to the forum!
            Anice xx
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              Hi again,

              Thanks for the warm welcome! I've looked at your sites, great stuff!

              I do plan to paint at my first fair, which might be offered as a raffle prize in exchange for an email list. It’s going to be a scary thing for me to do! Good pont about the after sales possibilty. I guess business cards are a must. I look forward to contributing if I can.


              PS Sorry moderator, I shamelessly included a link so people could see my work and know a little more about me. Please accept my apologies.


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                if you put your home page, blog or other link addres in your profile, it can be accesssed from there, so we can all have a butchers at your stuff

                and to the forum btw


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                  Thanks for the idea, I've done as you suggested. My website is in my public profile.

                  Take care,



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                    Hi and welcome to the forum

                    I have a friend who is a watercolour wildlife artist, who does attend craft fairs.

                    You do have to be selective though, it's best to find the craft fairs that sell more things by artists, potters, glassmakers, silversmiths etc, rather than some of the smaller craft fairs that attract hobbyists.

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                      Hi and welcome - - I cannot help much on the art side, but no doubt you will find lots of others who do. Hope you enjoy the forum.


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                        Nice site,lovely paintings,nosaics etc..
                        Like the tips, as I try to paint (try being the operative word!)

                        Re craft fairs :
                        personally if & when i go to these ,I always take a limited amount of money, as I'm a terrible impulse purchaser! , but there's always a cash machine not too distant if there's something that simply has to be bought!
                        As many have said,Craft fairs are not just about selling the products, but selling yourself, and advertising. Making sure you have plenty of leaflets, with web address, so you can contacted at a later date.

                        Good luck with the fairs!