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I need help with parchment

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  • I need help with parchment

    Hello, I am new today and wondered if anyone has some tips on parchment. I am finding it very hard to not get tramlines on the parchment when I have embossed. I am new to this craft but have spent loads on cds, tools, pencils, paints etc. Now I have all this material and still cannot make a decent card.

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    Hello and to the forum. I'm afraid I don't know much about parchment craft but I know a forum that does! I will private message you the details, there are some very experienced parchment crafters there and they are all lovely. They can offer you loads of help whilst you are getting started.
    Enjoy your time here as well though, we're a friendly bunch who all love to chat about crafting!!
    Anice xx
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      to the forum!

      I've never tried parchment craft but it looks beautiful. I see you mention having CDs but if you did want to watch some more demos of people actually doing the craft, you could watch Create & Craft TV channel (am I allowed to say that?!) if you have satellite? There's a lady who appears regularly on there, maybe watching her might give you some tips?

      Or maybe try a class where the teacher can show you in real life

      hth - and your things might be better than you realise, there's always that thought?!

      Best of luck
      Shaz x
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        I am also new to the craft, and have discovered by trial and error that the parchment paper will emboss better on one side than the other. Before I start I do a little test in the corner of the paper to see which side gives the best effect. I am using a foam pad underneath the paper and find it embosses quite easily on that. Also the smaller the embossing tool the whiter the paper will go. If you are wanting a neat straight line use a ruler and let the embossing tool glide along side it. Hope this helps.