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    Hi all,

    I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Sian and I make all sorts of bits n pieces including table cloths, lavender cushions, scraps pictures, cards, curtains and bags. I prefer items in my house to be unique and hate forking out lots of money for designer goods.

    I built my own site about a month ago just concentrating on 2 of the things I make: eco bags and lavender cushions. I'm hoping that once I've moved house I'll be able to set up a sewing room and I'll have much more space so that I can start adding more items to my site. I also enjoy restoring and painting old furniture so I'm thinking of getting into that, but one step at a time! :-)

    I'd love to meet other people who make similar things, who knows perhaps we could club together and sell things?! :-)

    Sian x
    I make Eco bags and Lavender Cushions.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Just had a quick peek at your site and your bags and cushions are gorgeous - good luck with them but I don't think you will have any problems.



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      Your work is lovely and I guess you took the pics at your home which is sooooooooooooo nice.I would hate to have to move from that home.

      Shabby Neesey


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        from me too !!! Your bang on track with your Eco bags . Bet you they start flying out the door. I would take a stall outside "Marks and Spencer" if I was you.

        Cheers Janice


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          from me too! You website is lovely!
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            Hi and to the forum and I agree, your site pictures look lovely & homely & welcoming - if that is your home, its a credit to you!

            shaz x
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              Hello & welcome from me too
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                Hello, thanks for all your kind words! I didn't want a flashy site because that's not me and I physically wouldn't be able to build one myself anyway! I like simple things, polka dot prints, lace and old fashioned florals.

                We will miss this house, but it's in the middle of a town, while the house we are moving to used to be a cobblers shop and it's in a lovely little village in the Ashdown forest.

                I've just found out that the local village store want to stock my bags - I'm absolutely thrilled to bits!

                I'll let you all know how it goes and if I become a millionaire I won't forget you all, LOL!
                I make Eco bags and Lavender Cushions.


                My blog:


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                  Hi there, and welcome to the forum from me too

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                    Hi Sian and welcome to the forum!

                    Where abouts in the Ashdown Forest are you moving too? I live in Eastbourne but I work in and around Crowborough so I know the area really well and it's a beautiful part of the county!


                    Oh and your website and items are gorgeous too!


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                      and hello from me too!


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