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  • Hi! I am New here!

    HI Everyone! My name is Audrey. I am looking to learn how to decorate grapevine/wicker wreaths with flowers. Does anyone know where I can learn to do this? Preferably I can learn this online.

    My Craft is I reborn dolls. I tried to post a few pictures of my reborn dolls but the forum wont let me post pics until I have posted 25 times (I think).

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    Hi there and welcome to the forum!
    Im afraid its true about the 25 posts, but it wont take you long as it becomes quite addictive!

    We'll look forward to seeing them.
    x Maria



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      to the forum Audrey!

      I saw a documentary about the reborn dolls a month or so ago, that was the first time I'd seen them. It was quite emotional really, I felt for this grandma who'd looked after her grandson for a long time when he was tiny and his mum was having cancer treatment...then when she got better, she married an american and whisked the little grandson overseas and the grandma got a reborn doll to help her cope

      Love to see your stuff when we can
      Shaz x
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        I saw the same documentary as Shaz. Will be great when we can see some of yours. It must be heartbreaking dealing with some of your customers but very rewarding also. Good luck with finding the wreath-decorating. I'm sorry I have no expereince of this!


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          Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Actually I sell my Reborn dolls on ebay or I do custom orders. I havent actually made a reborn yet for someone who has lost a baby (that I know of).

          If anyone knows where I can find information on making Wreaths, Please let me know!

          I am in the United States! Is most everyone here in the UK?
          I belong to some doll forums in the Uk. Very nice folks in the UK!


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            I was a floral designer for 26 yrs and made many wreaths. I don't think I have sene any wreath making sites but if you check HGTV site or Martha Stewart I am sure you can find one. I am American but I live in Scotland now.Have been here almost 7 yrs now.What part of the states are you from? I lived in Va.
            Shabby Neesey


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              from me too.

              Cheers Janice


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                Thank you, Janice!

                Hi Neesey, I can buy the grapevine wreaths at Michaels arts and crafts shop. When you put the flowers, leaves, etc into the wreath...How do you make them stay in the wreath? Are most of the flowers, adornments, made of wire at the ends so they will stay in the wreath securely? I am so new at this!!!

                I live in North Carolina. I bet Scotland is a very nice place to live. I just love the Scotland Accent!!!


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                  I can't post any links or pictures in here yet so I thought I'd put my Ebay Id and Item number here in case anyone is curious to see my Reborn Baby I have on ebay right now...

                  Seller: busybeesnursery

                  Item number: 300201410665


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                    Hi Audrey and welcome to the forum

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                      I saw something about that reborns programme, but didn't actually watch it - ended up looking up some dolls on the internet and some were really lifelike, and it was qiote amazing.
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