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    Hi Everyone

    I'm new to this forum..

    I am currently doing an apprenticeship for a company called, The Creation Station.

    We have a product called 'Fun Arty Box' we have just won an award for it but need to push sales. We have 12 in total with different themes.

    I just wondered if anyone had any ideas other than social media to push this type or product?

    Please see below an example of one of our boxes.

    jungle fun.jpgJungle Fun contents.jpg

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    Hello and welcome !

    Yes, Social media helps too, do not throw it away. Lot of people searching stuff by images on google. So, Pinterest, Flickr and similar. Open your blog on blogger for example. Create your adverts on google. Ask somebody for affiliate program on somebody's website. For example ask me. I have not a lot of sales, but this thing can help to push your product through - again google.. And vice versa, offer somebody your affiliate program so people can grab yours by the way. Apply for other search engines too, such as yahoo, yandex etc.
    Use ETSY, NOTHS (notonthehighstreet), DaWanda shops. Sure promote yourself on forums so people know you better..



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      Welcome to the forum.

      My apologies for being such a wet blanket but could I please draw your attention to our Forum Rules?

      In order to avoid the forum being used for by companies as free advertising we do ask that posters do not advertise companies, products, websites etc. We do have sponsors, who pay to have their names and products advertised here. Anyone wishing to join the sponsors should contact any member of the Moderation Team and we will facilitate your advert.

      This exclusion includes using company names as a user name. Normally we would contact the user and ask them to re-register, using a different name and then we would remove the company named account from our membership.

      I am writing this, publicly, to remind everyone that we do work hard to keep the forum free of advertising so that crafters can come and chat, exchange information, tricks and tips, without being inundated by sneaky sales attempts.

      Do not watch this space