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  • New to this craft forum!

    Hi everyone

    My name is Annie! im new to this forum, I've been doing charms since forever and started to make my own youtube tutorials!

    If you guys wanna see my videos i've already posted 5! you can search "lamyclay" on youtube, I've done Gudetama, Pusheen, Boo from mario, Panda bear and banana earrings!!

    You can also follow me on instagram @LAMYCLAY.

    I would provide a link but it says im not allowed since im new to this forum!

    let me know if you have any comments or concerns!
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    to the forum.
    Lucy Blossom
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      Cute work!!


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        I posted some of my charm work in my album!


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          Hey Annie, Your YouTube seemed quite hard to find, but found it and your facebook I hope you don't mind I liked your facebook page!! Really love the works you do and look forward to watching you grow. I watched a few of your tutorials too Welcome to the forums I dabble in polymer clay now and again I think this is my favoritest thing I've made.. (one of the first things I made too and for myself)

          Anyways.. look forward to more from you - Imogen xox
          - Imogen xoxo

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          With so many craft skills I'm always wanting to learn more. And meet new people along the way.
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            Thank you so much!!! Of course you can like my page. Im so happy that you did . Sorry about the hard time trying to find my youtube, trying my best to post as much here so then i can be able to link my youtube. The attachment you posted doesn't seem to work! I would love to see your work !


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              Good look on the forums


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                Hope you have a good time


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                  thank you