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Morning all - just saying hi!

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  • Morning all - just saying hi!

    And yes, it really is 1.22am - you'll find I'm often up at silly hours posting on forums. Joys of insomnia

    Well, I've just joined the forum tonight, although I have been in the Crafts Directory for a bit.

    I'm Babs, a thirty-something wife and Mum to 2 boys (7 and 4 - often referred to as the Dynamic Duo). I've been 'crafty' for as long as I can remember - some would say I was born with a pencil and paper in my hand OUCH!! Although I have to say that I am crafty, and definitely NOT arty! Can't draw for toffee

    My main crafts are cardmaking and scrapbooking - I used to cross stitch but have arthritis now which makes it a bit difficult. As well as working on my own scrapbooks - with two kids you'll understand how busy that can keep me - I also teach and run weekend retreats, which I LOVE. I enjoy giving something back to the craft!

    Outside of crafting, I'm involved with a local Scout Water Activities Centre in London's Docklands, and am a retired member of the Queen Scout Working Party - anyone involved with Scouting will know what that's all about, but basically the QSWP help run awards ceremonies and other scouting events.

    Oh yeah - and if you haven't already guessed I LOVE TO CHAT!!!!! So, I'm really looking forward to being part of the forum!
    Love 'n' Stuff
    Babs xx - crafts, gifts, retreats & clubs with a Christian Flavour!

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    Warm welcome to the forum babs

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      Hi Babs

      Hope you are keeping well. Look forward to chatting with you here.
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        Hi Babs and to the forum!

        I used to be a 'night owl' myself but I think old age and holding down 3 jobs made me into one of those 'I love my bed' types .

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          Hi Babs and . I will save my chatting till the morning I'm defo. " I like my sleep type "

          Cheers Janice


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            Welcome.......................I'll go and put me broomstick back in the closet.


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              Hi and
              x Maria



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                and from me too!
                I'm a bit of a night owl as well1 too many years of having done night shifts I suppose!
                trouble is with being a night owl, is that then nothing gets done in the day time!


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                  Hi Babs, and a big warm weldome to the forum

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                    to the forum Babs and you know I'll be a night-time buddy cos I left you still wandering about the forum in the wee small hours of this morning!

                    Shaz x
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                    & Rossendale Ramblings!

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                      hi Babs from another night owl, usually only coming awake after dark (somethimes when i do my best work)
                      while i knit i think




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                        to the forum. I'm sure you'll like it here!!
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                          i AM ALSO A EARLY MORNING.LATE NITE POSTER
                          Shabby Neesey


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                            Thank you for such a warm welcome - it's nice to know I won't be here on my own in the dark
                            Love 'n' Stuff
                            Babs xx

                   - crafts, gifts, retreats & clubs with a Christian Flavour!


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                              Looking at your signature.....................what flavour are christians?