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  • Hi from a newbie

    Hi everyone,
    I am just going to introduce myself. I am Debbie, 25 and from Hull in the UK. I am currently living with my parents until i pay all my university debt off. I am interested in cardmaking, jewellery making and beadweaving and i also read alot of romantic fiction.
    I am currently working for a double glazing company as the personal assistant to the managing director even though i have a degree in child and youth studies. As youth work is very limited in Hull and the alternative learning centre that i used to work for shut down i dont drive, i had to lean on my secretarial skills to get a another job
    However i have found that i really enjoy the job i am in now and have worked here for 9 months earning more than i used to with less stress.
    Sorry to rant on and on and i hope to discuss all types of crafting with you in the future.
    Thanks for reading
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    Hi Debbie, and welcome to the forum

    You sound a busy person at the moment

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      Hi Bead service,
      Thanks for the reply. Yes i am busy at the min i have just finished a beadweaved bracelet for my grandmothers birthday and an order for 30 hen party invitations for a friend so i can finally start to relax a bit lol
      Until the next project anyway
      What crafts do you enjoy?


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        Hello & !
        I lived in Beverley for a few years and then Barrow on the south bank until 2 years ago so I know Hull. The thing I miss most about living down there is the Ropewalk Gallery in Barton!
        Enjoy the forum.
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          Hi there and
          x Maria



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            Hi and to the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy talking craft & all sorts of things with the guys here

            I used to be a manager for a big corporate bank and the amount of people who came working in our office who had degrees in all sorts of things was unbelievable and a bit sad really. There were never enough opportunities for everyone in the areas they'd studied so hard in so they ended up with me!......but what a laugh we had in our office anyway so they were in a good place!

            Shaz x
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              and from me too


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                Hello and to the forum from me too! Enjoy your time here.
                Anice xx
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                  and hello from me too!


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                    hi debbie!

                    i'm originally from lincoln, but have lived in leicester ever since i came here for uni 7 years ago now i passed my degree in fashion but am now nearly 25 and similar to you. I currently work in a bar as the duty manager, i found it so hard to get a decent job within the fashion industry and wanted a change but never left! I soon made friends with my sewing machine though, and now I design and make handbags and accessories as a sideline (although i would love to do it fulltime.)

                    Good luck with your career, i hope you get into some crafts though, this site is fab and there are always people to guide you in any interests you may have. Its also a great pick me up when you've had a bad day, the guys on here are brilliant!!!

                    speak soon

                    beware though- this site is addictive!!!!!
                    Dee x
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                      Hi Debbie, thanks for asking about what crafts I enjoy.

                      I like leading glassware, both vases and mirrors. I did this as a handcraft business for a while, and although successful with it I felt I was on a prodcution line. So now my glassware is on a hobby level again, and I got into beads due to liking all the Lampwork glass pendants that were coming popular.

                      I'm lucky in that my OH has a 'Gift & Coffee shop' so I can sell things I make. I'd say we both work pretty much 24/7, but then you need to be diverse if you live in the country as there's little trade in the winter months.

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                        And from me too !!!!

                        Cheers Janice


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                          Hi Everyone and thanks for all of the replies. You have all been really welcoming to me and seem like a great bunch of peeps.
                          Speak to you all again soon


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                            Croeso ( welsome) from Wales

                            Hi Debbie!
                            I have had similar circumstances as you but hoped things had altered. I was a student in late 70's when govt decided to cut teaching places just as I qualified! I've done all sorts of jobsfrom crisp merchandising to bar work and partyplan. Trained in youth work too. My work now has changed from doing a lot of creative work in groups in health service to doing more community-sort of work. This has led me to really miss my creative work and so I've been doing lots of different things at home. Also I am trying to set myself up in a studio/craft workshop/small giftshop, as I am worried that my daughter might not get work when she finishes her degree in couple of year's time. What I can say is that all the different jobs have given me more insight and experience and I've met some v interesting people and good friends. Keep positive and as saying goes" Don't hide your light under a bushel!"