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Need a good advice about jewellery craft fairs!

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  • Need a good advice about jewellery craft fairs!

    Hi all!!

    I am a new jewelry crafter/designer, currently looking for good craft fairs and places to sell my handmade jewellery! I am supper excited about going public! Your honest opinions would be very appreciated!

    Here is all the stuff I have been doing: uk

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I have had a look and the products, for hand made look to have a high quality about them. I would imagine they would sell easily and for a good price. I'm a cardmaker and paper crafter, and a bloke, what would I know, but Mrs.3d (unfortunately) buys loads so I made a comparison that way.
    Very best of luck with the venture.



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      I've been doing the odd craft fair at Christmas but recently decided to step up the effort and my advice is to make a list of things you need and don't forget to bring enough 'float' that is fivers, lots of £1 coins, 20p's and 5p's.


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        Welcome to the forum. Your jewellery is nice.
        With jewellery there is always a lot of competition so be prepared for craft fair organisers to say they are full up with jewellery but not all craft fairs are the same. when you do get in you should do well if your jewellery is competitively priced. Don't forget to take bags to put your jewellery in when you sell it. And take plenty of change as the buying public never seem to have any.


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          Thank you so much I always concentrate on quality, as I have noticed that there are quite a lot of jewelry makers who are doing very cheap stuff and which looks very cheap. I dont know yet if customers really need that or they are ready to pay a bit more but for a high quality product ^^


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            I find myself at fairs with lots of other jewellery makers, as long as they're selling handmade I don't mind, it's the ones that buy in cheap Chinese Crap and pass it off as handmade that get my back up!! I find that fairs can cope with lots of jewellery stalls as everyone's tastes/styles/budgets are all different. Good luck!! x
            Sarah x

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