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  • Hello Everyone

    I registered a couple of days ago but I only just noticed this section - duh!

    I have been making jewellery for about 2 years now. I have done a couple of craft fairs but mainly make for gifts and to wear myself.

    I got the idea to make my own jewellery when I couldn't find what I wanted to go with my outfit for my best friendis wedding. Bought a book, which I read and read for months before I bought any supplies. The rest is history.

    I would like to have my own shop or online store in the future but it would be too much to handle with working full time at the moment.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone as time goes by.

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    Re: Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum Kate.

    You are just like me I bought a book and taught myself how to make jewellery. A couple of months ago I decided to look into some quotes for a website. Got a bit too excited and agreed to haveing it done.
    I work full time as well and it is tiring but its great when people can see your jewellery - even if they aren't buying yet :cry:

    I recommend a great website designer if want.

    lou x
    A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery


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      I looked at your stuff yesterday Lou, it's really pretty. Your website is nice to look at too.

      I have some big decissions to make about my 'real' job in the not too distant future so I may well be back for that website company!


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        Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will get loads of support from every one here.
        If you are not near enough to visit then check out my online store!!

        Happy crafting


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          Hi and welcome aboard, Kate



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            I started the same as yourself someone bought me a candle making for christmas one year and that grew into 2 cupboards full of supplies and a further cupboard full of stock

            i have just took the plunger to go full time and its going pretty well but I suppose the test will be after christmas

            Deb :P
            Karisma Kandles