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    Hi there,
    I make greeting cards and am looking into selling my cards at craft fairs rather than card shops. I'm not sure what costs are involved in this [eg the cost to have a table], but I can barely cover my costs if I sell them through a card shop. I print my photos on card and the ink and paper costs are high. If I had a table at a fair it would be very small (!) but it would be great to sell my cards in person to people, and see what they think.

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    Hi there,
    to the forum, I'm sure you will be able to get a good idea of the cost of craft fairs if you have a look through the posts here, there is loads of information to be found on this forum - it's great. You might find some craft fairs near you are advertised here too. Good luck
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      can't be of any help re craft fairs...i'm a bit too far away!!


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        Hello and to the forum. I don't have any info for you about craft fairs as I don't sell at them but there are plenty of really great people here who do, who will be along soon, I'm sure, to offer you advice. So it's just a quick hello from me..another card maker!!
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          Hi Kirstymak,

          As an ex-organiser I can tell you that you can expect to pay approx £15 to £30 for a medium sized fair that attracts a reasonable amount of customers. In balance, don't forget that this is for approx 6 or 7 hours trading as opposed to all day everyday in an established shop.

          There are of course smaller fairs where the tables will be cheaper. Don't expect to be able to have a "small" table to save expense. I would think pretty well all organisers will provide a standard size table (approx 6' x 2' 6") and charge their going rate for it. You will need to fill it and make it look better than all the others! You will find a lot of competition out there from other card makers, so if possible you need to offer something a bit different.

          Have you considered party plan or selling via a website?

          Anyway, best of luck.

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            Hi and to the forum, its true you'll find plenty of information & help here, I've certainly found out loads since I joined

            Shaz x
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