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  • Hello Fellow Crafters!

    Hello fellow crafters! I've never joined a forum before so please forgive me if I'm a bit slow on the uptake! My name is Keren and I live in Axminster, Devon. I've been designing and making vintage-inspired aprons since 2005, selling them on my website, through ebay, etsy, local shops and at craft fairs and markets.

    My passions are sewing and crochet, and my goal is to introduce these crafts to children and whoever else wants to learn. I've recently started running workshops in the school holidays for children aged 6 and up. So far I've had a good mixture of both boys and girls coming along which is fantastic.

    I've also recently relaunched my website and now along with my handmade gifts I also sell a range of fabrics, haberdashery and 100% wool felt which is gorgeous to work with (my latest obsession is felt!!).

    So that's my introduction. I'm really looking forward to joining your community, admiring and being inspired and chatting with some like-minded people!

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    Haha. I have just responded to your other post. That will teach me to read stuff properly first.
    Welcome. I certainly admire your goals and believe it is definately up to us to foster the love of crafting into the younger generation. Look forward to chatting.
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      Hi, welcome to the forum. Im a lover of sewing as well and also share your belief in introducing children to crafts for several reasons. Same as Critchley, I really admire your goals and am very inspired to learn that you run workshops for children, its a fantastic idea. Will look forward to seeing some of your creations and chatting about ideas :-)
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        to the forum.
        Lucy Blossom
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          Hello and welcome to the forum.


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            Hi Karen and welcome to the forum.

            I'm sure I stopped off in Axminster on my way to Cornwall couple of weeks ago - what I coincidence! Good luck with all your sewing!
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