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  • Quick hello...

    as I am supposed to be painting

    I have been lurking here for a couple of days, well ok, the truth is I have been here so much I thought I would get charged rent and figured I had best register and say hello.

    I found you after trying to find craft fairs in the Midlands and all I can say is what a fabulous site and what a fantastically creative and friendly bunch you all are.

    I have read lots of posts about how addictive this place and I can confirm the rumours are true and now it seems I am also doomed to that awful guilt that comes from doing what you want instead of what you should.

    I'd better go before this becomes War and Peace: The Crafters Cut
    (so much for quick hello - and I managed to avoid talking about me!)

    See you all soon.
    ~ Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. ~

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    Hello &
    Everyone will tell you that this place is addictive!
    Welcome to your new home
    Av xx
    Sprinkles Sparkles


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      Hi KayCee
      Sprinkles is right - totally addictive!
      Welcome to your new family.
      x Maria



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        thank you Sprinkles and Bumble Bee for the welcome - as you can see I am still here...
        Do you think anyone would mind me moving a bean bag in?
        ~ Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. ~


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          Hello & a big . x
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            yep this place is addictive!

            I have learnt loads since I joined, and seen some fabulous stuff looking at members site/blogs etc... but the amount of crafting I have got done is zilch, nada, zero................ though got loads of new ideas, and have at least written some down!


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              ...and thank heaven for printable versions of threads cos I've printed off loads of helpful info since I joined...and saved so many sites & blogs to my favourites folders, its bulging at the seams!

              Shaz x
              Keepsake Kollections
              & Rossendale Ramblings!

              Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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                hehe, i agree. i had never picked up a needle and thread in my life, yet today, i made myself a pin cushion! i had learnt how to make it from this forum... from nosing at people's websites and learning about wadding!!
                Photo 28.jpg

                this is what this forum does to you, so i hope you learn more about your craft, and other peoples crafts too!

                Last edited by Sprinkles; 30-01-2008, 11:13 PM. Reason: added my pin cushion picture as a forum achievement!
                Av xx
                Sprinkles Sparkles


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                  ...and very cute it is too Sprinkles!

                  Keepsake Kollections
                  & Rossendale Ramblings!

                  Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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                    Hi Kaycee

                    WELCOME to the crazy & yes completely addictive world that is the forum! I am still surprised how people actually managed to get things done at all with this forum about!

                    Ha! so no more

                    What is your craft?

                    Everyone here is lush so welcome again. I must be off to bed soon, I have a list of things to do 2moro & I figure the only way to do the 'list' is if I wake up early!!


                    Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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                      Hello and to the forum! I'm glad you decided to join sound like our kind of gal!! Enjoy your time here.
                      Anice xx
                      Funkyhand x
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                        from me too!

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                        My blog:


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                          And a BIG from me too !!!!

                          Cheers Janice


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                            Hi and

                            This is totally adictive.. Should be doing housework - still that can always wait til

                            Have fun.


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                              Hello from me too

                              Since joining this forum my house is under siege from the dust fairy and I am spending too long here looking at everyones work rather than meeting my own orders!!