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    Hi, I've just joined the forum. I'm not actually a crafter, I'm a grower of perennial vegetable plants which I sell online, but the information on this forum is very applicable to me as a newcomer to running a small business at home so I hope you don't mind me joining.

    I've got an initial brief question about receipts if anyone can help - do I need to ask for a cash receipt in addition to a proof of postage when I send a parcel? I haven't been bothering to make sure I get the former because the proof of postage states the date and the amount paid but I have wondered if this is adequate in the eyes of the IR.

    thank you,

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    I sometimes just used the proof of postage as like you say it contains the date and price info on there. Last year I started to use my business debit card for all my postage (even if I only had 1 large letter to post) and found that far far easier when doing my accounts - I could just count up all the post office transactions on my bank statement each month rather than plough through hundreds of pieces of paper adding them all up. I also now only keep the proof of postage for a few months (in case something gets lost) so I don't end up with boxes of recipes.
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      Welcome to the forum
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        Thank you. I won't worry then and a useful tip about the debit card. Anything to simplify things


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          Thank you!


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            Hello and welcome to the forum. If you use the post office they do a budget card so you could put your money onto that and use it to pay for you parcels think you can track your account online not too sure only just got mine the other day. That way its not mixed in with your other transactions hth