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  • Newbie alert!

    Hi everyone *waves*. Well, I joined here in 2011, but was too shy to really post anything or reply to anything back then - silly eh?! So after spending most of my time browsing and reading everyone's posts, silly person sat typing this decided that if I didn't feel I could join in, that I may as well not log I left until now! Shocking, I know!

    I have decided that I really should stop being silly, as I am not shy in 'real life' so why am I in 'virtual life' and snapped out of it?! So hello once again :-) Any-who, I love making handmade jewellery as one off pieces, including wedding jewellery and have literally just branched out into papercutting too. I have finally got a website, a blog and a facebook page together (coming from a 'virtual' shy person, I am proud of myself) and am now happily joining in with everyone here YAY!

    * Oh and can anyone tell me how I can add my website/facebook and blog info to my profile or signature please? Cant see how to do it! Many thanks.
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    Hi and glad you've taken the plunge and said hello.

    In answer to your question, near the top of the page you'll see 'Forum Actions' just click on there and then 'Edit Profile' in the drop down box. The page it takes you to will have loads of different options to change your profile but along the left hand side you'll find 'Edit Signature'. Hope that helps
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      Welcome to the forum!! There's no need to be shy, we all muck in here & I think (although maybe I'm just speaking for myself), we're all about as mad as each other too!
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        Hi, Welcome to the forum. Making 3d decoupage cards is my thing but I am just starting to do papercutting too and have just kicked off with a posterized papercut photo in "Papercrafts" section, now having a bash at schereschnitte type cuts.
        Look forward to seeing your work.



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          Hi am welcome (back) !


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            Hello there. Glad you decided to dip toe into water. I hope you enjoy itand look forward to chatting.
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              Welcome back to the forum
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                to the forum - I promise we're not that scary
                Lucy Blossom
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                  Hello and welcome to the forum glad you have got over your shyness and said hello.


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                    Hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me Thanks also for the signature etc info - think I have done it now.
                    Glad I have taken the plunge to finally talk too, lol. And Dave....I have seen your photograph cut too, very good :-) I am sure I will be joining in with more conversations over time, so I will look forward to chatting to you all. xx
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