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  • The Gift Palace - brand new marketplace for sellers

    Hi all,

    Wanted to come to your lovely forum and introduce,

    I was a member previously and toyed with the idea of creating an online marketplace that was affordable yet was premium, concise and simple to use. What I came up with was The Gift Palace. (can't post URL as I don't have 25 posts )

    Hopefully you'll agree the site looks great, we have around 25 seller's on board currently listing some of the most creative and innovative products the UK has to offer.

    Each seller is carefully considered in respect of quality of their products and their company vision, we hope to bring our customers the very best British products around on a site which matches their level of expertise.

    I know there are many fantastic crafters on this forum so if anyone was interested in selling with us we'd be delighted to hear from you ([email protected]), likewise if you want to do a bit of shopping please pop over and have a look at some of the beautiful products.

    Also if anyone has any feedback, I'd be very welcoming to hear your thoughts?

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Hi Graeme,

    I've just had a nosey at your site, and first impressions are it looks clean, easy to navtigate and there are some lovely items listed!

    However, there are no T&Cs, and I couldn't find a postal address of contact number anywhere on the site (a legal must have to comply with UK distance selling regulations), so although there are some very nice things to buy, I'm afraid it's not a site I personally would use, as I can't see any means to contact you if there is a problem or query, other than via a contact form.

    Best of luck with the site, it certainly looks a lot nicer than some similar sites I've come across, but unfortunatley I fear I would not be the only one put off by the lack of legal compliance.
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      Many thanks for the feedback,

      Need to update the HTML on the T&C's page asap, should be appearing, a contact number is something we shall add.

      There is a contact email however and contact form which are both highly reliable sources to answer any queries.

      We will strive to improve!


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        You do need a geographical address's a legal requirement
        Site is looking good though....well done xx
        Sarah x

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          Appreciate the feedback guys.