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    Hi I make lots of knitted sewn and paper craft items and would love to have a go at selling them at a craft fair. Any ideas to start, I have googled local stall hire but am finding it difficult to fid reasonable costs. Some are so expensive and want public liability insurance on top. You would have to make quite a bit before you start to break even at this rate. Any ideas would be welcome to get going.

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    It is self preservation to hold Public Liability. Heaven forbid you should but you could get sued for the simplest thing and end up losing everything. Not worth it believe me. There are lots of threads on here covering it, you could do a search and read up.
    Welcome by the way. I should have said that first off. lol.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      to the forum. As Carol has already said public liability insurance is a must, most organisers would expect you to have some, and some will only grant you a stall when you've submitted proof of it. If you are looking for cheaper stall fees perhaps consult your local authority website/local papers and look for table top sales as they often won't be as expensive. Even if you only attend some on the day they're running you can then ask people who organised it, give them your details etc. etc.
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