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Another newbie here!!

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  • Another newbie here!!

    Hello everyone!

    Decided a week or two ago that I wanted to sell my crafts (jewellery, crochet, knitting, sewing) and now I am very daunted!

    I have a wordpress blog (but have no idea how to use it :/ ) a facebook page and a twitter account but I have suddenly had complete lack of confidence in everything I make, has anyone else found that?

    What would you recommend as the best way to get into the crafting community? Looking for some friends out there!

    Gina - The Crafty Engineer

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    Hi I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts as well, I am just starting out have done a couple of craft fairs and got some good feedback but want to get into it a bit more seriously (the fairs I have done previously have just been at work or for friends nurseries etc) I thought I knew what I was doing then I started ready this forum and my confidence has just dropped, I think its the whole getting insurance tax etc that's worrying me!!!


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      Welcome to the forum. You can get plenty of help here!
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        Welcome to the forum. Just have faith in what you have made and trust that what you have is good enough. The rest will fall into place. it is bound to feel a bit daunting...what new adventure wouldn't?

        All the best.



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          Hi Gina,

          to the forum.

          Personally my ethos has always been that you can't please all of the people all of the time but that doesn't mean it should interfere with your life. You should create crafts because you derive some personal pleasure from it and if a bi-product of creating crafts is that others also like what you do then all the better.

          I also make jewellery and find that facebook is a great tool for exposing people to my craft, the best tip I can offer is to post plenty of pictures to catch the viewers eye and to make the posts interesting and informative and to find a particular style of writing.

          Hope some of this is of some help


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            Hello Gina, welcome to the forum all the best with your new venture!
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              I also a freshman to do my new business of crafts, hoping we all can do good business in future.


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                Hello and welcome to the forum, there are some thread about informing you of tax and insurance advice. Its easy to do just ring them and tell then you are self employed you must do this straight away, that way you are all above board and that's one less worry. You will need public and product liability insurance, I use Ian wallace but there are others. Just believe in yourself and as others have said you can't please everyone. It's difficult at present with the economic state of the world but perservre and you will reap the rewards eventually.


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                  to the forum.
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                    Hii Everyone!! Myself Maggie Alison. I am new to this forum like you all. Hope to bejoined by soon.


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                      hello and welcome! i too (but in the future) would like to sell my knitting but at mo just knit as a hobby and at mo starting to knit for mates as gifts but i too feel lack of confidence and think they could buy one better (or receive one better for when i do start selling) i think the feeling goes away after a while and just do the best you can while still enjoying it good luck and let us know how you get on (looking forward to seeing piccys)

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                        I feel your nervousness haha!

                        Im new to this too, just ordered some more things to start crafting!! I'm thinking of starting by going to some Xmas fairs in London and seeing how it goes!


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                          You don't know until you give it a go! Good luck and don't feel daunted